List of Career Duties Under Food Preparation Business Sector


Belt Conveyor Drier Career Duties

  • Tend equipment that extrudes dries compressed yeast to make bakers active dry yeast
  • Dump compressed yeast into hopper of extruding machine
  • Observe temperature indicator & moisture gauges on drier and sets controls to maintain prescribed temperature humidity in drier
  • Start extruder that forms yeast into noodles deposits them onto conveyor belt that carries yeast noodles through drier
  • Collect yeast samples from conveyor at specified locations in drier, submits samples to laboratory for analysis, and adjusts temperature humidity of drier on basis of laboratory report
  • Connect mill to hopper outlet to grind dried yeast to specified fineness
  • Open outlet of drier or mill hopper to fill containers
  • Weigh containers records weight
  • Transfer containers to storage, using lift truck.

Blintze Roller Career Duties

  • Fill precut sheets of egg dough with cheese, folds ends over filling, and rolls lengthwise to make blintzes rolled cheese pancakes
  • Place blintzes on conveyor leading to packer.

Bulk system Operator Career Duties

  • Operate panelboard to control pneumatic conveyor system that transfers flour from railroad cars, through blending, sifting, and weighing units to storage bins for subsequent processing into macaroni products
  • Open hatch of railroad hopper car to admit air and connects pneumatic hose to car outlet to intake pipe of specified bin
  • Sets timing devices, turns switches and pushes buttons on panelboard to start control movement of material through specified processing units to storage bins
  • Observe lights on board to follow progress of material, or to detect need for changing or bypassing operations
  • Divert material flow by pressing button governing specific bin or processing unit
  • Record car number, weight, and type of material in car, name of sender, and location of material in storage bin or unit
  • Operate pneumatic air compressor [Air-Compressor Operator any industry ] in conjunction with panelboard, to transfer distribute flour
  • May dump bags of special flour into hopper for distribution through processing units.

Can conveyor Feeder Career Duties

  • Tend machine that automatically feeds empty coffee cans onto conveyors leading to filling machines
  • Press button to activate machine-lift mechanism that raises stacked cans transfers them onto mechanical conveyor
  • Observe passing cans removes defective ones
  • May place cans on sloping metal runway leading to conveyors to feed cans onto conveyors from freight cars
  • May transfer cans from containers onto belt or chain conveyor.

Cheese pancake Roller Career Duties

  • Fill precut sheets of egg dough with cheese, folds ends over filling, and rolls lengthwise to make blintzes rolled cheese pancakes
  • Place blintzes on conveyor leading to packer.

Chili Powder Mixer Career Duties

  • Tend machine that mixes chili powder with other spice ingredients for use as seasoning
  • Measure and weighs out specified quantities of ground chili peppers, garlic, salt and other ingredients dumps them into hopper of mixing machine
  • Adjust controls to regulate steam pressure in jacket of mixer starts machine
  • Compare sample of mixture with standard sample to make sure that mixture meets color texture specifications.

Coffee Blender Career Duties

  • Tend machines that blend various grades of green coffee beans
  • Transfer sacks of specified grades of green coffee beans to dumping chute, using handtruck
  • Empty beans onto chute
  • Start machine that mixes coffee beans
  • Pull levers to dump mixed coffee beans into elevators that convey them to cleaning storage areas.

Coffee Grinder Career Duties

  • Tend machines that grind coffee beans to specified fineness
  • Pull lever or adjusts control to regulate flow of coffee beans into grinding machines
  • Start machines turns dials or moves levers to adjust grinding rollers
  • May control conveyors that carry ground coffee to storage bins.

Coffee Roaster Career Duties

  • Control gas fired roasters to remove moisture from coffee beans
  • Weigh batch of coffee beans in scale-hopper and opens chute to allow beans to flow into roasting oven
  • Observe thermometer adjusts controls to maintain required temperature
  • Compare color of roasting beans in oven with standard to estimate roasting time
  • Open discharge gate to dump roasted beans into cooling tray
  • Start machine that blows air through beans to cool them
  • Record amounts, types, and blends of coffee beans roasted.

Coffee Roaster Continuous Process Career Duties

  • Tend coffee roaster equipped with rotating cylinder through which green coffee beans flow in continuous stream for roasting
  • Move controls to regulate speed of cylinder rotation, rate of flow of beans and temperature of oven for each coffee blend, according to specifications
  • May tend machine that grinds coffee beans [Coffee Grinder food prep., nec ].

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