List of Career Duties Under Fishing And Hunting Business Sector


Animal Trapper Career Duties

  • Trap animals for pelts, live sale, bounty, or to relocate them in other areas
  • Sets traps with bait, scent, or camouflage and in patterns according to size, species, habits and environs of animal sought or according to reason for trapping
  • Patrol trapline to remove catch reset or relocate traps
  • Club or drowns trapped fur-bearing animals to prevent damage to pelts
  • Skin animals, using knife, and stretches pelts on frames to be cured
  • Scrape or skives skin-side of pelt with knife to remove fat and flesh, and rubs skin with salt to dry preserve it
  • Sort pelts according to species, color, and quality
  • Remove parts, like ears or tail, from predatory animals and presents them as evidence of kill for bounty [Predatory-Animal Hunter fishing hunt. ]
  • May be designated according to animal trapped as Beaver Trapper fishing and hunt. , Muskrat Trapper fishing hunt. .

Aquatic Life Laborer Career Duties

  • Perform any combination of following tasks related to cultivating, growing, and harvesting or gathering shellfish, finfish, amphibians, and other marine life
  • Stake or fences ponds growing areas following specified pattern to lay out planting bed
  • Sows spat on sea bottom & covers with sand shell mixture
  • Patrol shrimp ponds tidal pens on foot or by motorboat to detect presence of predators
  • Transfer finfish from tanks to rearing ponds, using dip net
  • Scatter food over growing area by hand or using blower
  • Wade in water or drives boat to harvest area
  • Collect marine life, using gill net, brail, shovel, or tongs
  • Rigs and lowers dredge baskets, using block tackle, and raises to empty catch
  • Pick out marketable marine life places in container, returning illegal catch to sea
  • Pack ices catch for shipment
  • Unload catch from boat deck, using conveyor, basket, or shovel
  • String empty oyster shells used for growing-media on wire or places in basket
  • Clean ponds tanks, and repairs screens, retaining walls, and fences
  • Remove debris, seaweed, and predators from water to maintain growing area
  • May be designated according to type of marine life worked as Clam-Bed Laborer fishing and hunt. , Fish Hatchery Laborer fishing and hunt. , Oyster-Bed Laborer fishing and hunt. , Shrimp Pond Laborer fishing hunt. .

Bed Worker Career Duties

  • Cultivate harvests shellfish by performing any combination of following duties
  • Load marking stakes on barge and moves barge to shellfish bed
  • Drive stakes into mud in pattern specified by Shellfish Grower fishing hunt. , using sledgehammer
  • Sows spat by scattering it within staked enclosure
  • Cover seeded area with mixture of sand broken shells of shellfish onto which spat attaches, using shovel
  • Wade in shellfish bed digs or rakes for shellfish, using rake, fork, and spade
  • Tread in water feels for shellfish with bare feet, gathers shellfish, and drops them into container
  • Reach from boat with rake-tongs and gropes for shellfish by moving handles to open close tongs
  • Drag brail rod pipe with series of hooks attached behind powerboat to pull shellfish from mud
  • Rigs and lowers dredge into shellfish bed from mast and boom of powerboat, using block tackle
  • Hoist dredge pulls dump ring to empty catch
  • Pick out market-size shellfish from catch, and replants smaller ones
  • Pack ices marketable shellfish in containers for shipment
  • Unload loose shellfish from boat, using shovel
  • May be designated according to type of shellfish bed worked as Clam-Bed Worker fishing and hunt. , Oyster-Bed Worker fishing and hunt. , shellfish harvested as Fisher, Clam fishing and hunt. , Fisher, Oyster fishing & hunt. , or task performed as Clam Digger fishing & hunt. , Oyster Unloader fishing hunt.
  • Clam Tonger fishing and hunt. , Clam Treader fishing and hunt. , Fisher, Mussel fishing and hunt. , Fisher, Quahog fishing & hunt. , Fisher, Scallop fishing & hunt. , Oyster Dredger fishing & hunt. , Oyster Picker fishing & hunt. , Oyster Tonger fishing & hunt. , Oyster Worker fishing & hunt. , Scallop Dredger fishing & hunt. , Scallop Raker fishing hunt. .

Bird Trapper Career Duties

  • Trap birds to serve as brood stock, or for exhibition, extermination, identification, or relocation
  • Select and sets traps, nets, or cages according to size, habits and habitat of bird reasons for trapping
  • Walk about area to drive quarry toward traps or net or patrols trap-line periodically to inspect setting
  • Release quarry from trap or net transfers it to cage
  • Kill birds or secures identification tag to bird releases it
  • May locate flush ground birds into nets, using dogs.

Boatswain Otter Trawler Career Duties

  • Supervise coordinates activities of fishing vessel crew engaged in deploying, retrieving, and repairing otter trawl net to catch fish, and operates winches to launch, tow, haul, hoist, and dump net
  • Confer with Captain, Fishing Vessel fishing and hunt. 197.133-010 or Mate, Fishing Vessel fishing & hunt. 197.133-018 to ascertain specified fishing depth, terrain of ocean floor and location of fish concentrations and selects required otter trawl net other fishing gear accordingly
  • Direct crew in attachment of floats, weights, otter boards net guides and other gear to trawl net preparatory to net deployment
  • Direct lowering of net over side of vessel, and moves winch controls to release otter boards tow cables into sea
  • Observe action of otter boards to make sure that net is tangle free and in desired position, and moves winch controls to maintain even alignment designated depth of net behind vessel, according to markings on tow cables
  • Monitor tension on tow cables during tow moves winch controls as necessary to free net when snagged on obstructions, like rough bottom, rock pinnacles, or sunken ships
  • Move winch controls to haul filled trawl net from sea bottom to ships stern, and directs crew to specified stations for retrieval of net dumping of fish onto deck
  • Train and directs crew in maintenance of fishing gear, like reinforcing or replacing frayed or missing sections of trawl net splicing frayed or weakened tow cables.

Bounty Hunter Career Duties

  • Hunt, traps, and kills predatory animals to collect bounty
  • Hunt quarry, using dogs and shoots animals
  • Trap or poisons animals depending on environs habits of animals sought
  • Remove designated parts, like ears or tail from slain animals, using knife, to present as evidence of kill for bounty
  • May skin animals treat pelts for marketing
  • May train dogs for hunting
  • May be designated according to animal hunted as Cougar Hunter fishing and hunt. , Coyote Hunter fishing and hunt. , Wolf Hunter fishing hunt. .

Captain Fishing Vessel Career Duties

  • Command fishing vessel crew engaged in catching fish other marine life
  • Interview, hires and gives instructions to crew and assigns crew to watches quarters
  • Plot courses on navigation charts computes positions, using standard navigation aids, like compass, sextant, clock, radio fix and navigation tables
  • Steer vessel operates electronic equipment, like radio, sonic depth finder, and radar
  • Direct fishing operations, using knowledge of fishing grounds and work load capacities of vessel crew
  • Record daily activities in ships log
  • May purchase supplies equipment for boat, like food, fuel, webbing, rope, and cable
  • May tow maneuver fish barges at cannery wharf
  • May contact buyers make arrangements for sale of catch
  • May buy fish for resale and be designated Buy-Boat Operator fishing and hunt. , or haul fish from other fishing vessels to cannery and be designated Captain, Cannery Tender fishing hunt. .

Clam Sorter Career Duties

  • Remove marketable clams from conveyor belt or from pile on deck of clam-harvesting dredge deposits them in containers
  • Dump clams from containers onto worktable or deck and sorts packs them in containers for shipping according to species
  • May assist Shellfish Dredge Operator fishing & hunt. in adjustment, repair and maintenance of dredge conveyor equipment, using handtools.

Cook Career Duties

  • Prepare meals for crew officers on board fishing vessel or in shore fishery establishment
  • May assist in actual fishing
  • May purchase food supplies.

Cook Fishing Vessel Career Duties

  • Prepare meals for crew officers on board fishing vessel or in shore fishery establishment
  • May assist in actual fishing
  • May purchase food supplies.

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