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Butler Career Duties

  • Supervise coordinates activities of household employees engaged in cooking, cleaning, and related domestic duties
  • Oversee serving of luncheon dinner, sets table, directs workers in serving meals, or personally serves them
  • Perform other services as requested, like mixing & serving cocktails tea
  • Answer telephone delivers messages
  • Receive announces guests
  • May keep silver service clean intact
  • May employ discharge other household employees.

Butler Second Career Duties

  • Perform variety of manual duties in large household, working under supervision of Butler domestic ser.
  • Serve food and drink during meals, cleans & polishes silver, waxes floors, washes windows performs other duties in dining room, living room and other downstairs rooms
  • May answer telephone or doorbell announce guests
  • Perform duties of Butler domestic ser. in his or her absence
  • Frequently lays out employers clothes for wear, polishes shoes, and performs other valet duties.

Caretaker Career Duties

  • Perform any combination of following duties in keeping private home clean in good condition
  • Clean dusts furnishings, hallways and lavatories
  • Beat & vacuums rugs scrubs them with cleaning solutions
  • Wash windows and waxes polishes floors
  • Remove hangs draperies
  • Shovel coal into furnace removes ashes
  • Replace light switches repairs broken screens, latches, or doors
  • Paint exterior structures, like fences, garages, and sheds
  • When duties are confined to upkeep of house, may be designated House Worker domestic ser. .

Child Monitor Career Duties

  • Perform any combination of following duties to attend children in private home
  • Observe monitors play activities or amuses children by reading to or playing games with them
  • Prepare serves meals or formulas
  • Sterilize bottles other equipment used for feeding infants
  • Dress or assists children to dress bathe
  • Accompany children on walks or other outings
  • Keep childrens quarters clean tidy
  • Clean other parts of home
  • May be designated Nurse, Infants domestic ser. when in charge of infants
  • May be designated Baby Sitter domestic ser. when employed on daily or hourly basis.

Childrens Tutor Career Duties

  • Care for children in private home, overseeing their recreation, diet, health, and deportment
  • Teach children foreign languages and good health personal habits
  • Arrange parties, outings, picnics for children
  • Take disciplinary measures to control childrens behavior
  • Ascertain cause of behavior problems of children devises means for solving them
  • When duties are confined to care of young children may be designated Childrens Tutor, Nursery domestic ser. .

Companion Career Duties

Cook Career Duties

  • Plan menus cooks meals, in private home, according to recipes or tastes of employer
  • Peel, washes, trims and prepares vegetables meats for cooking
  • Cook vegetables & bakes breads pastries
  • Boil, broils, fries, and roasts meats
  • Plan menus orders foodstuffs
  • Clean kitchen cooking utensils
  • May perform seasonal cooking duties, like preserving and canning fruits vegetables, and making jellies
  • May prepare fancy dishes pastries
  • May prepare food for special diets
  • May work closely with persons performing household or nursing duties
  • May specialize in preparing and serving dinner for employed, retired, or other persons be designated Family-Dinner Service Specialist domestic ser. .

Day Worker Career Duties

  • Perform any combination of following domestic duties
  • Clean dusts furnishings, hallways and lavatories
  • Wash irons clothings by hand or machine
  • Vacuum carpets, using vacuum cleaner
  • May watch children to keep them out of mischief
  • May wash windows and wax polish floors.

Domestic Laundry Worker Career Duties

  • Tend automatic washing and drying machines to clean and dry household articles presses household articles, using hand iron
  • Sort articles by color fabric and loads into automatic washing machine
  • Adjust machine settings for temperature, water level and time duration of wash
  • Adds measured amounts of detergent, bluing, starches, and fabric softener as required
  • Remove articles from washer loads into dryer
  • Sort, irons, and folds dried articles
  • May perform other housework [House Worker, General domestic ser. ]
  • May use electric ironing machine.

General House Worker Career Duties

  • Perform any combination of following duties to maintain private home clean and orderly, to cook serve meals, and to render personal services to family members
  • Plan meals and purchases foodstuffs household supplies
  • Prepare cooks vegetables, meats and other foods according to employers instructions or following own methods
  • Serve meals refreshments
  • Wash dishes cleans silverware
  • Oversee activities of children, assisting them in dressing bathing
  • Clean furnishings, floors, and windows, using vacuum cleaner, mops, broom, cloths, and cleaning solutions
  • Change linens makes beds
  • Wash linens and other garments by hand or machine, and mends irons clothing, linens, and other household articles, using hand iron or electric ironer
  • Answer telephone doorbell

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