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Batch Freezer Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Tend batch freezer that freezes liquid ice cream mix to semisolid consistency
  • Measure specified amounts of ice cream mix, color and flavor, using graduate and dumps ingredients into freezer barrel
  • Start beaters refrigerating unit
  • Observe clock and ammeter for specified reading denoting end of freezing cycle turns valve to start flow of frozen mix into containers
  • Place fixture which ripples ice cream into valve outlet, and stirs syrups into ice cream with spoon or adds candies, fruit, and nuts to make various varieties of ice cream
  • Place containers of mix in hardening cabinet
  • Wash sterilizes equipment, using cleansing solution, brushes, and hot water.

Blender conveyor Operator Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Tend machines that automatically grind, sift, weigh, blend, and convey milk powders to instantizing filling vats
  • Slide specified screens into grinder, opens chutes on conveyor and dumps blended powder into vat
  • Weigh ingredients, like potash, salt, soda and vitamins, according to formula and dumps them into blending machine
  • Start machines that automatically grind and screen chunks of dried milk, weigh blend powder with other ingredients, and convey blended powder to instantizing or filling vats
  • May weigh prescribed amount of liquid lecithin pump into blending vat
  • May operate power lift truck to move material.

Brine tank Tender Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Tend equipment to make frozen stick confections, performing any combination of following tasks
  • Position mold pan under filler spouts presses pedal to fill pan with ice cream, fruit juice, or syrup mix
  • Place tray against machine & pushes levers to insert lock sticks in tray slots
  • Place tray over mold pan presses switch or pushes pans to move them over brine tank to freeze ingredient onto sticks
  • Dips frozen mold pans into water to defrost removes tray of stick bars
  • Dips tray of frozen bars into chocolate places tray on conveyor leading to chill tunnel
  • Fill dispensers of bagging machine, positions tray over bagging chutes, and pulls lever to drop bars into bags
  • Turn valves, controls, and switches to alter level of mix in molds, flow of ingredients into filler hopper chocolate tank, or temperature of chocolate or brine
  • May test brine content, using hydrometer add salt to maintain prescribed strength
  • May mix flavor, sugar, and water to make flavored ice mixes
  • May fill dispensers remove jammed sticks from automatic stick machines
  • May be designated according to work performed as Mold Filler dairy products , Mold Remover dairy products , Stick Inserter dairy products .

Bulk Intake Worker Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Tend pump that pumps incoming milk from tank trucks to storage tank, and computes records volume of milk received
  • Weigh loaded truck on platform scale records weight on record sheet
  • Dips pours sample of milk from vent hole of truck into bottle for laboratory analysis
  • Taste and takes temperature of milk, and records taste data temperature reading
  • Connect plastic hose between sanitary valves of truck storage tank, starts pump, and turns valves to transfer milk to tank
  • Stop pump when transfer is completed, reads milk-flow meter, and records volume pumped on record sheet
  • Disconnect plastic hose from truck tank connects nozzle of tank-cleaning system to vent hole of tank
  • Start equipment that automatically rinses, washes, and sanitizes interior of tank
  • Remove nozzle seals vent hole
  • Wash exterior of truck pumping equipment, using brushes, detergent solution, and water hose
  • Weigh empty truck records weight
  • Compute difference between loaded unloaded weights of truck to verify accuracy of meter.

Buttermaker Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Control equipment to make grades of butter by either of following methods
  • Connect sanitary pipe between cream storage vat churn
  • Start pump to convey sterile solution through equipment to admit measured amount of pasteurized cream into churn, and starts churn
  • Observe separation of buttermilk from butter pumps buttermilk from churn
  • Open churn sprays butter with chlorinated water to remove residue buttermilk
  • Compare butter with color chart adds coloring to meet specifications
  • Test butter for moisture, salt content, and consistency, using testing apparatus, and achieves specified consistency by adding or removing water
  • Examine, smells, and tastes butter to grade it according to prescribed standard
  • 2 Butter chilling method
  • Pasteurize separates cream to obtain butter oil, and tests butter oil in standardizing vat for butter fat, moisture, salt content, and acidity, using testing apparatus
  • Adds water, alkali, and coloring to butter oil to achieve specified grade, and starts agitator to mix ingredients
  • Turn valves and observes gauges to regulate temperature flow of water, refrigerant, and butter oil through chilling vat
  • Smell, tastes, and feels sample to grade butter emerging from chilling vat
  • May be designated according to equipment operated as Butter-Chilling Equipment Operator dairy products , Butter Churner dairy products .

Buttermaker Continuous Churn Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Operate continuous churn to produce butter of specified grade quality, and performs quality control tests
  • Start agitator of salt injector fills tank of injector with salt solution
  • Turn valve control starts pump to move cream from storage tank to churn
  • Press switches to start beater and extruders of churn, and adjusts controls while monitoring gauge ammeter to regulate churn speed
  • Connect salt injector tube to extruder of churn starts salt injector pump
  • Raise or lowers nozzle to adjust height of buttermilk drainpipe to control level of buttermilk in extruder, using wrenches
  • Observe butter granules dropping from beater section to make sure that beater is operating efficiently
  • Remove sample of butter from discharge of churn performs standardized tests for moisture, butterfat, and color content
  • Taste butter to detect undesirable flavors to make sure required salt level
  • Rubs sample of butter between thumb finger to define if texture meets specifications
  • Turn control knobs to adjust speed of beater, speed of salt pump, height of buttermilk discharge pipe, or adds vegetable color to salt solution to make sure butter meets specifications
  • Observe listens to churn to detect possible malfunctions, like leaks or plugging, and reports malfunctions or undesirable taste to supervisor
  • Mix salt water, according to formula, to maintain stock of solution
  • Record production test data on record sheet.

Can Intake Worker Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Dump, weighs, and records weight of incoming milk received in milk cans by dairy, and tends washing machine that sterilizes empty cans
  • Press switch to activate conveyor of can washing machine and turns valves to admit steam water to machine
  • Press switch to activate conveyor that moves individual producers milk cans from unloading dock to dumping station
  • Remove cover from each can, smells milk to detect sourness, and tilts can to dump milk into weigh tank
  • Place emptied cans covers on conveyor of washing machine
  • Read scale and records total weight of milk in producers shipment identification number of producer on record sheet
  • Dips pours sample of producers milk from weigh tank into bottle for laboratory analysis
  • Pull lever to open valve empty weigh tank
  • Clean and lubricates washing machine conveyors.

Cheese Blender Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Prepare charts of quantities, grades, and types of cheese required for blending to make cheese products
  • Feel, tastes, smells and observes cheese for firmness, mellowness, acidity and color and selects cheese products for specified blend
  • Calculate quantities of cheese required for each batch, according to formula and records quantities, grades and types on chart
  • Compare laboratory reports with specifications alters calculations to achieve specified body, texture, flavor, moisture, fat, acidity, and salt in finished product.

Cheese Cooker Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Cook milk specified ingredients to make cheese, according to formula
  • Pasteurize separates milk to obtain prescribed butterfat content
  • Turn valves to fill vat with milk heat milk to specified temperature
  • Dump measured amounts of dye starter into milk
  • Start agitator to mix ingredients
  • Test sample of milk for acidity allows agitator to mix ingredients until specified level of acidity is reached
  • Dump mixes measured amount of rennet into milk
  • Stop agitator to allow milk to coagulate into curd
  • Pull curd knives through curd or separates curd with hand scoop to release whey
  • Observe thermometer, adjusts steam valve, and starts agitator to stir cook curd at prescribed temperature for specified time
  • Squeeze and stretches sample of curd with fingers extends cooking time to achieve desired firmness or texture
  • Give directions to Cheesemaker Helper dairy products or other workers to make curd, drain whey from curd, add ingredients, like seasonings, or mold, pack, cut, pile, mill, dump, and press curd into specified shapes
  • Direct other workers who immerse cheese in brine or roll cheese in dry salt, pierce or smear cheese with cultured wash to develop mold growth, and place or turn cheese blocks on shelves to cure cheese
  • Taste, smells, feels, and observes sample plug of cheese for quality
  • Record amounts of ingredients used, test results, and time cycles
  • Make variations in time cycles ingredients used for succeeding batches
  • Dump specified culture into milk or whey in pasteurizer to make bulk starter
  • May be required to hold state cheesemakers license.

Cheese Cutter Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Tend machine that cuts blocks of cheese into pieces of specified shape size
  • Examine cheese for defects in color, texture and body
  • Bolt specified cutting head to machine, using wrench, adjusts stops on cutting table and turns wheels to position cutting wires
  • Place block on table, and moves lever to lower cutting head or raise table to cut cheese
  • Weigh cut cheese, places pieces on conveyor, and records amount cut
  • May measure cheese with ruler cut with hand cutter
  • May trim rind, mold, or sediment from cheese, using knife.

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