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Cutlery Hardware - Occupations Duties

View related occupations duties grouped under the 'cutlery hardware' business sector.
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Assembler Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Join parts, like handles, blades, gears, or springs to assemble articles, like pliers, knives, razors, shears, knife sharpeners, can openers, and ice crushers
  • Position parts together, following guides like holes, edges and prongs
  • Rivet, bolts, or screws parts together, using hammer, riveting machine, wrench, or pneumatic screwdriver
  • May drill, ream, or tap holes in parts of pliers, using drill press
  • May use clamps, pneumatic or screw presses, and other work aids to hold parts during assembly
  • May be designated according to article assembled as Assembler, Knife cutlery-hrdwr. , Electric-Razor Assembler cutlery-hrdwr. , Shear Assembler cutlery-hrdwr. .

Assembly and packing Supervisor Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Supervise and coordinates activities of workers engaged in painting assembling can opener parts, packing completed can opener parts, and packing completed can openers
  • Perform duties as described under Supervisor any industry Master Title.

Automatic Grinder Operator Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Tend machine that grinds and hones blades blade edges of articles, like razors, knives, and garden tools
  • Load blades in machine hopper or positions blades in holding fixture
  • Start machine that automatically feeds blades to abrasive wheel or belt
  • Verify dimensions of blades keenness of blade edges, using fixed gauges.

Blade Groover Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Operate machine to grind decorative grooves in steel knife blades
  • Mark groove length of blade according to bench marks, using chalk
  • Place tip of blade under rotating abrasive wheel presses blade against wheel to grind groove in blade
  • Examine groove in blade for conformance to specified depth and width dresses abrasive wheel, using handstone
  • Turn stop nuts to adjust roll and guide according to width of blade replaces worn abrasive wheel, using wrenches.

Blank Driller Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Fabricate dies used to mark sewing reference points on materials
  • Position metal blank on bed of drill press
  • Align drill template over plate
  • Start machine drills holes into blank
  • Insert stabs pointed metal dowels into holes
  • Place stab setter handpunch over stab hammers stab into hole.

Capper Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Rotate tips of alcohol-filled glass vials to be used in levels against pinpoint gas flame to melt glass seal hole in tip
  • Taps sealed vials on wooden block to see if they will break.

Circular Saw edge Fuser Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Fuse diamond carbon edges to circular steel saw blades, using oven
  • Weigh carbide, nickel, iron and diamond ingredients in specified percentages on jewelers scale
  • Pour compound in form clamped to saw-blank edges and places saw blank in oven at preset temperature under specified atmospheric conditions to fuse compound to saw edge
  • May operate metalworking tools, like grinder, lathe, and drill press, to finish edge of saw
  • May measure edge of saw with micrometer pressure gauges.

Cold press Loader Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Place steel saw blade cores, mixed or segmented diamond materials, and silver solder into molds preparatory to firing core in furnace
  • Insert precut silver solder wire into groove in top graphite mold
  • Place steel blade core in bottom graphite mold
  • Position segmented diamonds onto core edge according to size of core, or pours diamond mixture into notches on saw blade edge
  • Place top mold over bottom mold lays it on firing platform
  • May requisition, weigh, and blend diamonds metal powder alloys
  • May stamp serial number on saw blade
  • May be designated according to form of saw blade edge as Notched-Blade Loader cutlery-hrdwr. .

Diamond Blender Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Tend mixing machine that blends metal powders with diamonds and powered press that presses metal powder mixed diamond powder onto bottom surface of mold cavity
  • Weigh dumps ingredients into mixing machine
  • Start machine that blends metal powder with diamonds
  • Remove mixture from machine distributes portions to mold loaders
  • Requisition graphite molds punches
  • Pour metal powder onto backing cavity of mold mixed diamond powder onto front of mold cavity, and places mold on table of powered press
  • Start machine that presses powders onto bottom surface of mold cavity
  • Remove mold from press inserts separation plates between center surfaces of molds
  • Record number of molds filled from each diamond batch
  • Remove excess particles from induction-fired molds.

Electrolytic Etcher Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Tend equipment that electrolytically etches markings, like insignias, trademarks, and part numbers on metal articles
  • Turn switches on power control unit to allow flow of electric current through electrolytic solution in tank
  • Position workpiece on stencil against contact strip to complete electric circuit
  • Place workpiece in electrolytic solution that etches stencil markings on metal
  • Remove workpiece from solution, after specified time, and sprays workpiece with water to remove acid
  • Immerse workpiece in rust preventive solution.

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