Careers Duties: Chemical


List of Career Duties Under Chemical Business Sector

Wheel mill Operator

  • Tend grinding mill that crushes powder or explosives ingredients, like sulfur, saltpeter, and charcoal, used in manufacturing gunpowder
  • Charge mill with prescribed amounts of ingredients
  • Start mill wheel revolving for specified time or until materials are crushed & mixed rakes or dumps contents into containers for storage or further processing
  • When tending mill that crushes finished powder to grains of specified size to attain uniform ballistic properties, is designated Graining Operator chemical
  • May tend vibrating screens to separate particles of varying sizes.

Wringer Operator

  • Tend centrifugal wringer to remove acid or water remaining in nitrocellulose after processing
  • Start pumps to convey partially processed nitrocellulose slurry to wringer basket
  • Move control to regulate speed of wringer throughout process, as instructed
  • Stop wringer after specified time and loosens nitrocellulose from walls, using scraper or fork, Opens discharge gate pushes nitrocellulose through aperture into water immersion bowl to convey slurry to next operation, or hopper to be packed into containers
  • When removing water from nitrocellulose, may be designated Poacher-Wringer Operator chemical
  • May take samples of nitrocellulose for laboratory analysis.

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