List of Career Duties Under Canning And Preservatives Business Sector


Almond Blancher Hand Career Duties

  • Observe blanched skinned almonds on conveyor belt emerging from blanching machine removes almonds with skins missed by machine
  • Rubs or squeezes almonds between fingers to remove skins
  • May rub or squeeze skins from almonds that have been immersed in hot water dumped into trays.

Almond blancher Operator Career Duties

  • Tend almond-blanching machine that removes skins from almonds
  • Turn valves to fill kettle of machine with water to admit steam into heating chamber of kettle
  • Observe steam pressure & water temperature gauges and turns valves to regulate steam pressure water temperature, according to specifications
  • Actuate machine to start flow of almonds into kettle
  • Turn handwheel to adjust rollers that squeeze skins from almonds
  • Observe blanched skinned almonds as they emerge from blanching machine makes necessary adjustments to machine to make sure that skins are removed.

Almond cutting machine Tender Career Duties

  • Tend machine that dices, halves, slices, or slivers almond meats
  • Install specified cutting blades, using handtools
  • Actuate machine to start flow of almond meats into machine
  • Examine cut almond meats to check for conformance with cutting specifications
  • Adjust cutting blades as required
  • Insert different blades into machine to accommodate various sizes of almonds
  • Sharpen blades with file or bench grinder
  • May be designated according to function of machine tended as Dicer-Machine Operator can. and preserv. , Halver-Machine Operator can. and preserv. , Slicer-Machine Operator can. and preserv. , Sliver-Machine Operator can. preserv. .

Almond Huller Career Duties

  • Tend machine that removes hulls foreign matter from almonds
  • Start machine dumps almonds into hopper of machine
  • Move levers to control flow of almonds from hopper to machine that agitates screens or cylinders to remove hulls from almonds
  • Turn valve to regulate pressure and directional flow of air that separates loose hulls, twigs foreign matter from nuts
  • Observe almonds as they pass on conveyor belt from machine to ascertain that hulls are removed
  • Change screens or adjusts cylinders of machine to accommodate different varieties of almonds, using wrench
  • May nail covers on crates filled with hulled almonds.

Automatic Brine mixer Operator Career Duties

  • Tend machine that mixes water salt to prepare brine solution for use in preserving or separating food products
  • Turn valves to transfer solution from mixing machine to storage or separator tanks
  • Test specific gravity of solution with hydrometer adds water or salt to bring solution to specified density
  • May clean machinery equipment, using steam hose, soap, and brushes.

Bait Packer Career Duties

  • Clean packs fish eggs for commercial purposes
  • Rubs clusters of eggs over screen to separate eggs according to size
  • Dump eggs into vat of cleaning solution to remove blood into barrel of brine to cure eggs
  • Shovel processed eggs into containers for shipment, or fills jars with eggs, using scoop
  • May prepare curing cleaning solutions, according to formula.

Basket Filler Career Duties

  • Remove sealed cans or jars of food products from conveyor dumps or stacks them in metal basket
  • May load basket in layers, using hydraulic mechanism to lower each layer to table level
  • May move baskets within plant or through cooling tank, using trucks or hoist.

Blending tank Tender Helper Career Duties

  • Assist Blending-Tank Tender beverage, can. and preserv. 520.685-030 by directing filling of holding tanks performing related duties
  • Pull latch of lid-locking hinge or clips metal band holding lid on barrel of juice concentrate, using clippers, to remove lid from barrel
  • Signal Industrial-Truck Operator any industry 921.683-050 by hand to guide lifting positioning of barrel adjacent to opening of holding tank
  • Manually holds barrel in contact with tank opening as barrel is tilted to dump juice concentrate into tank
  • Spray inside of barrel to wash remaining concentrate into tank, using hose
  • Turn valve of holding tank as directed by Blending-Tank Tender beverage, can. and preserv. to open flow of concentrate into blending tank to fill blending tank to specified capacity
  • Clean residue and film from equipment floors following processing, using waterhose, cleaning solution, brushes, and rags.

Bone Picker Career Duties

  • Examine shellfish meats under ultraviolet light removes pieces of shell, preparatory to canning
  • Place tray of shelled meats on table, or observes meats passing on conveyor under ultraviolet generators that cause shell particles to glow
  • Turn & stirs meats by hand to view all sides and picks out discards bits of shell, viscera and foreign matter.

Box Turner Career Duties

  • Rearrange containers of fruit stacked in tiers in ripening room to expose all fruit equally to room temperature during ripening period
  • May truck fruit in out of ripening room.

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