List of Career Duties Under Button And Notion Business Sector


Artificial flower Maker Career Duties

  • Cuts out assembles materials, like fabric, wood, and paper, performing any combination of following tasks to make artificial foliage, like flowers, wreaths, and trees
  • Cuts out flower parts, like leaves petals from paper, fabric, or plastic, using handtools, like scissors, knives, hammers and dies
  • Stamp out flower parts with hand operated or power driven machine
  • Place roll of material on spindle of machine that automatically forms artificial flower stems
  • Print veining on artificial leaves, using stamps handpress
  • Dips flowers into specified dye squeezes out excess dye, using hands
  • Fasten twigs buds to steel wire to form branches by hand or using twisting machine
  • Wire or glues flower parts to stem or branch
  • Fasten artificial flowers and foliage to wreath stand and inserts cones grass decorations to form artificial wreath
  • May wrap stems with green brown paper to effect natural appearance
  • May be designated according to product produced as Wreath And Garland Maker, Hand button and notion , or shape artificial flower petals from fabric, using tweezers, heated metal ball, and wooden form, and be designated Petal Shaper, Hand button notion .

Assembler Slide Fastener Stringers Career Duties

  • Join together stringers sides of slide fasteners, using slider jig
  • Align links of stringer with links of other stringer inserts ends of stringers in slider jig
  • Pull ends of stringers through jig to interlock links
  • Examine fastener for defects, like crooked, broken, flattened, or misaligned links
  • Cuts out defective section, using scissors, and splices sections, using adhesive tape or hand stapler
  • May sew sections together to prevent raveling, using serging sewing machine
  • May tend machine rollers that pull stringers through jig.

Automatic fancy machine Operator Career Duties

  • Tend automatic machines that cut ornamental designs into face of nonmetallic button blanks
  • Load blanks into machine hopper, using hand scoop
  • Start machine observes feeding, cutting and indexing mechanisms
  • Remove jammed blanks from feed chute, using wire pick
  • May remove and replace worn cutters abrasive wheels, using wrenches
  • May place blanks by hand in chucks of semiautomatic, manually indexed machine
  • May examine samples for finishing defects.

Buckle Assembler Career Duties

  • Brush glue over surface of metal buckle frames presses precut leather or fabric over frame
  • Trim excess material with shears.

Buckle Coverer Career Duties

  • Brush glue over surface of metal buckle frames presses precut leather or fabric over frame
  • Trim excess material with shears.

Buckle frame Shaper Career Duties

  • Tend automatic machine that cuts shapes wire or fabric-covered wire to form bars, prongs, and buckle frames
  • Adjust forming head according to product specified, using handtools
  • Position reel of wire on machine spindle draws end of wire through guides to forming head
  • Insert wire against stop depresses treadle-switch to start machine
  • Observe automatic feeding of wire into machine or holds switch down with foot advances wire against stop as specified item is cut, formed, and ejected
  • May pull levers of hand-bending machine to shape sample items.

Buckle Gluer Career Duties

  • Brush glue over surface of metal buckle frames presses precut leather or fabric over frame
  • Trim excess material with shears.

Buckle Inspector Career Duties

  • Examine finished metal buckles clasps for defects, like bent or broken parts, dents, scratches, and plating or lacquering imperfections
  • Sets aside defective buckles for rework
  • Place protective plastic tip over buckle prong
  • Wrap specified number of buckles in tissue paper preparatory to packaging
  • May count weigh sample lot, using scale, to ascertain weight per gross, in order that items may be packaged by weight rather than by actual count.

Buckle Sorter Career Duties

  • Sort metal buckles and parts according to size kind, and removes bent or broken ones
  • Dump container of buckles on bench separates them into piles or containers
  • Remove pieces of tumbling-barrel shot jammed in buckles, using metal pick.

Buckle wire Inserter Career Duties

  • Push reinforcing wire through tubular material for use in making buckle frames
  • Cuts off material to match length of reinforcing wire, using scissors.

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