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Brick And Tiles - Occupations Duties

View related occupations duties grouped under the 'brick and tiles' business sector.
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Auger machine Offbearer Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Perform any combination of following tasks involved in fabricating sewer or conduit clay pipe
  • Bend green pipe emerging from press to specified angle
  • Trim pipe socket edges, using hand or automatic trimmer
  • Lift places pipe on pallet board, wagon, or rack, using overhead hoist or pipe turner
  • Coat pipe socket with grease, oil, or water to prevent premature drying, using sponge or leather smoother
  • Spray inside of pipe with glaze, using spray gun
  • Place kiln furniture fittings on pipe to prepare pipe for firing
  • Move kiln cars along tracks, using car pulley
  • Clean machines, presses, and working area, using broom, shovel, and wheelbarrow
  • Change press dies, using sledges, bars, and handtools.

Auger Press Operator Manual Control Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Operate auger-press to press clay products, like sewer pipe, drainpipe, and flue tile from tempered clay
  • Install adjusts extrusion dies, cores, rings, formers and cutoff knives according to type of product, using handtools, calipers and ring gauge
  • Move levers to adjust automatic oilers
  • Start press that forms, extrudes, and cuts clay to specified shape length
  • Measure product for conformance to specifications, using scale calipers
  • May move lever to position extruded tile or pipe column for cutting by Die Tripper brick tile
  • May direct Die Tripper brick tile to change press dies
  • May be designated according to product pressed as Drain-Tile-Press Operator brick and tile , Flue-Tile-Press Operator brick and tile , Sewer-Pipe-Press Operator brick tile .

Baker Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Control periodic, field, or retort kilns to bake clay products, like brick, sewer pipe, clay refractories, and roofing tile
  • Open fuel valves lights gas or oil fire, using oil-soaked stick
  • Seal kiln door with bricks daubs brick with clay to prevent loss of heat, using trowel
  • Observe thermometer and action of pyrometric cones through peepholes, or removes object from kiln with tongs examines object to define rate of burning
  • Turn gas or oil valves dampers to adjust rate of burning or baking of objects
  • Close fuel valves fireboxes, opens kiln-crown holes, and installs fans to cool objects
  • May be designated according to type of kiln operated as Dry-Kiln Burner brick and tile , Field-Kiln Burner brick and tile , Retort-Kiln Burner brick and tile , or according to product burned as Brick-Kiln Burner brick & tile , Roofing-Tile Burner brick tile .

Batch Mixer Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Mix dumps raw materials, like silicas or clays, into mixers
  • Obtain materials from storage area, using shovel, wheelbarrow, or towmotor and transports material to batching area
  • Measure specified quantities of materials according to batch cards, using scales or measuring box
  • Dump material from sacks onto conveyor leading to mixer or empties bulk material from wheelbarrow into mixer.

Branch Maker Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Join sections of unbaked sewer pipe at specified angles to form junctions, using jigs handtools
  • Position green pipe in cutting jig or places pattern or diagram on end of pipe section and cuts pipe to specified angle length or cuts holes in pipe, using knife or wire cutter
  • Roughen cut edge side of second pipe section to facilitate coupling, using comb-like tool
  • Dampen roughened surfaces of pipes to make sure that clay bonds together
  • Join pipe sections molds clay around joint
  • Cuts smooths hole in second pipe at inner junction, using handtools
  • May insert bracing inside pipe to make sure shape of pipe during drying firing.

Brick and tile making machine Operator Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Sets up and operates series of machines to mix ingredients, extrude clay mixture, and to cut extruded column into brick tile products
  • Turn valves to feed and regulate flow of ingredients into mixing machine to create vacuum in de-airing machine
  • Install die, core, rings and former in extrusion head, using handtools measuring instruments
  • Sets controls on automatic cutoff knives to cut clay column according to job order specifications
  • Examine extruded product to detect variations from specified hardness, and turns valves to feed water oil into pug mill to correct consistency of clay
  • Replace knives, reamers, and finishers in automatic finishing units
  • May operate individual machine and be designated Auger-Press Operator brick and tile , Cutter Operator, Brick brick and tile , Cutter Operator, Tile brick & tile , Pug Mill Operator brick & tile, pottery porc. .

Brick Burner Head Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Supervise coordinates activities of workers engaged in controlling field, periodic, retort, and tunnel kilns to bake green clay products, like brick, tile, and sewer pipe
  • Perform duties as described under Supervisor any industry Master Title.

Brick Tester Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Fabricate brick and tile samples tests samples for conformance to strength specifications
  • Start machines that grind, sift and mix clay
  • Mold brick tile samples, using mold, hand rammer and trowel
  • Place models in kiln burner turns switches or valves to heat kiln to specified temperature
  • Remove samples from kiln places samples on testing machine supports
  • Turn handwheel to force bearing plate against samples
  • Read gauge to obtain transverse breaking load in pounds per square inch, and records data
  • Inspect products for size, cracks, and other imperfections, using hammer notched rule
  • May test products for strength, using testing machine.

Brick Unloader Tender Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Tend equipment that automatically unloads brick from kiln cars after firing
  • Depress buttons on control panels to activate equipment that moves loaded kiln cars along rails into unloading position, lowers hydraulic pickup head that lifts stacks of brick from kiln car onto conveyor and conveys brick to subsequent processing area
  • Depress buttons to stop equipment when rows of brick are unevenly stacked, damaged bricks are detected, or jamming or other malfunctions occur
  • Replace damaged bricks straightens rows
  • Remove jammed bricks, using iron bar
  • May unload stacked bricks from conveyor, using hydraulic ram
  • May manually remove rows of stacked brick to create tine course open spaces to facilitate handling by forklift during packaging.

Briquette Operator Occupation

Job Duties:

  • Tend vacuum screen that screens magnesium liquor briquette press equipment that presses screened residue filter cake to form briquettes of periclase refractory material
  • Flip control panel switches to start multilevel arrangement of vacuum screen feeder wheel, vacuum screen hearth kiln and briquette press
  • Observe vacuum screen feeder wheel to verify that cups positioned on feeder wheel are full of magnesium liquor for emptying onto vacuum screen
  • Turn dials on control panel to adjust speed of vacuum screen feeder wheel vacuum screen to control thickness of filter cake, following prescribed procedure
  • Read counter on feeder wheel to define revolutions per hour records totals in logbook
  • Move control knobs to adjust amount of filter cake fed from hearth furnace onto conveyor into briquette press
  • Turn knobs to regulate speed pressure of briquette rollers that form briquettes
  • Observe indicator lights and gauges on control panels to detect equipment malfunction notifies supervisor
  • Record equipment downtime in logbook.

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