List of Career Duties Under Automotive Service Business Sector


Tractor mechanic Helper Career Duties

  • Assist Tractor Mechanic automotive ser. in repairing tractors tractor components, using handtools
  • Install jacks and hoists to raise equipment lift dismantled assemblies
  • Disassemble assembles tractor parts, using handtools
  • Clean tools parts with naphtha, gasoline, or other cleaning compounds
  • May wash lubricate equipment
  • Perform other duties as described under Helper any industry Master Title.

Trailer rental Clerk Career Duties

  • Rent trailers, trucks, and power-driven mobile machinery equipment
  • Talk with customer to define type of equipment needed, like vacation, boat, or open trailer, or moving truck or moving-van trailer, or cement mixer
  • Quote rental rates collects security deposit
  • Prepare rental-agreement form
  • Direct yard personnel to hitch trailer to customers vehicle or bring truck or power-driven mobile equipment to customer
  • Compute rental charges, collects money, makes change, and returns deposit
  • May pull trailer into position fasten appropriate hitch to customers vehicle
  • May splice wires from trailers taillights onto wires of customers vehicles taillights to provide brake turn signals to trailer
  • May advise customer on type of equipment to rent, depending on work to be done
  • May rent power tools equipment [Tool-And-Equipment-Rental Clerk business ser., retail trade ]
  • May be designated according to type of equipment rented as Construction-Machinery-And-Equipment-Rental Clerk business ser. , Farm-Machinery-And-Equipment-Rental Clerk business ser. , Truck Rental Clerk automotive ser. .

Transmission Mechanic Career Duties

  • Repair manual automatic transmissions in automobiles, buses, trucks, and other automotive vehicles
  • Raise automotive vehicle, using jacks or hoists and removes transmission, using mechanics handtools
  • Disassemble transmission unit replaces broken or worn parts, like bands, gears, seals and valves
  • Adjust pumps, bands, and gears as required, using wrenches
  • Install repaired transmission fills it with specified fluid
  • Adjust operating linkage tests operation on road
  • May verify idle speed of motor, using equipment, like tachometer, making required adjustments
  • May specialize in repair of automatic transmissions be designated Automatic-Transmission Mechanic automotive ser. .

Transportation department Supervisor Career Duties

  • Supervise coordinates activities of Automobile Mechanics automotive ser. engaged in repairing, adjusting, servicing, and storing motor vehicles in industrial or commercial establishment
  • Analyze defective equipment to define cause of trouble
  • Inspect drives repaired vehicles to verify repairs
  • Train workers in and demonstrates repair maintenance of vehicles, using handtools, welding, and grinding equipment
  • Evaluate performance of workers
  • Keep inventory of repair parts and equipment requisitions replacement stock
  • Prepare repair reports vehicle requests
  • Schedule transporting of passengers or materials to service or storage areas
  • May supervise workers engaged in inspection and repair of miscellaneous equipment, like cement mixers electric trucks
  • Perform other duties as described under Supervisor any industry Master Title.

Tune up Mechanic Career Duties

  • Tune automotive vehicle engines to make sure efficient operation
  • Remove spark plugs, using socket wrench and tests them, using spark-plug tester
  • Clean electrodes in sandblasting machine, sets spark gap with feeler gauge and replaces or installs new plugs
  • Inspect distributor breaker points for wear pits, using feeler gauge, and replaces or resets points
  • Observe ignition timing, using timing light, and adjusts timing, using handtools
  • Adjust carburetor needle setting, using handtools, and verifies adjustment, using instruments, like fuel analyzer, vacuum gauge, oscilloscope, and tachometer
  • Sets valve tappets, using feeler gauge or dial indicator
  • Replace defective coils, condensers, and electrical connection
  • Remove and cleans carburetor fuel pump
  • Examine battery and connections and electrical charging starting circuit
  • Adjust, and repairs fan belt, and fuel water pumps
  • May tune engine while vehicle runs on rollers connected to dynamometer be designated Dynamometer Tuner automotive ser. .

Undercoater Career Duties

  • Spray protective compound onto chassis and underbody of automobiles and trucks to minimize rust and corrosion to eliminate noise
  • Drive vehicle onto overhead rack
  • Remove headlights other accessories, using handtools
  • Steam cleans or pressure washes underside of vehicle preparatory to application of protective compound
  • Drill holes for interior spraying as required, using electric drill
  • Spray specified areas of vehicle, using spray gun
  • Insert plastic plugs to reseal holes subsequent to spraying
  • Replace accessories and removes overspray and excess seepage from body seams and joints, using cloth solvents
  • May mask painted or chromed surfaces to prevent exposure to undercoating spray, using tape
  • May spray firewall, underside of hood, and interior of trunk compartment.

Vehicle fuel systems Converter Career Duties

  • Convert vehicle fuel systems from gasoline to butane gas operation, using handtools
  • Dismantle removes existing gasoline-powered fuel systems from vehicles
  • Affix mounting brackets or cradle to rear of vehicle, bolts high pressure butane gas tank to brackets and installs high pressure vaporizers under hood, using handtools
  • Attach butane carburetor adapter to existing vehicle carburetor, or replaces original carburetor with butane one
  • Connect water fuel lines between specified units
  • Tune motor to conform to butane performance specifications to obtain maximum power and economy to meet emission standards
  • May repair service operating butane fuel units.

Vehicle Leasing And Rental Manager Career Duties

  • Manage automobile truck leasing business
  • Direct evaluates leasing, sales, advertising and administrative procedures, including collections, inventory financing and used car sales
  • Direct monitors audit of financial accounts to assure compliance with prescribed standards
  • May visit franchised dealers to stimulate interest in establishment or expansion of leasing programs.

Wheel alignment Mechanic Career Duties

  • Align wheels, axles, frames, torsion bars, and steering mechanisms of automotive vehicles, like automobiles, buses, and trucks
  • Drive automotive vehicle onto wheel alignment rack tests vehicle for faulty wheel alignment, bent axle, worn ball joints and bent steering rods, using alignment-testing machine
  • Straighten axle & steering rods adjusts shims, tie rods and joining pins to align wheels, or installs new parts, using handtools
  • Place wheel on balancing machine to define where counterweights must be added to balance wheel
  • Hammer counterweights onto rim of wheel
  • Install shock absorbers
  • Straighten frame, using hydraulic jack, chassis aligner, and acetylene torch.

Windshield Installer Career Duties

  • Replace broken or pitted windshields window glass in motor vehicles
  • Remove broken glass by unscrewing frame, using handtools
  • Cuts flat safety glass according to specified pattern, using glasscutter
  • Smooth cut edge of glass by holding against abrasive belt
  • Apply moistureproofing compound along cut edges installs glass in vehicle
  • Weatherproof window or windshield prevents it from rattling by installing rubber channeling strips around sides of glass
  • Install precut replacement glass to replace curved windows
  • May replace or adjust parts in window-raising mechanism.

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