List of Career Duties Under Automotive Service Business Sector


Tear up Worker Spring Career Duties

  • Disassemble defective vehicle leaf springs preparatory to repair assembles repaired leaf springs
  • Remove center bolt from leaf spring loosens clips, using handtools
  • Remove rivets from leaf spring, using punch press or drill
  • Drill hole in replacement blank for leaf spring, using drill, or punches hole in blank, using punch press
  • Reassemble leaves for leaf spring, fits keeper on leaves, and fastens with bolts
  • Record number of leaves in spring, dimensions of leaves, size of connecting bolt, and repairs made.

Tire Buffer Career Duties

  • Tend buffing machine that removes rubber from tire body to prepare tire for retreading
  • Position tire on holder of machine
  • Place metal plate against tire turns bolt to hold plate in place, using wrench
  • Start tire rotating pushes lever that moves tire against abrasive wheel that cuts tread from tire
  • Turn dial to position buffing wheel against tire
  • Measure tire to define size of retreading mold, using tapeline
  • May apply cement to tire to be retreaded, using brush
  • May inspect tire casings prior to buffing.

Tire Groover Career Duties

  • Cuts grooves in treads of worn, vulcanized, or retreaded tires, using hand cutting tool
  • Pull electrically heated grooving knife around circumference of tread to form grooves, following old design or laying out new design
  • Cuts crosswise grooves in tread in similar manner.

Tire Rebuilder Career Duties

  • Build molds semi-raw rubber tread onto buffed tire casing to prepare tire for vulcanization in recapping or retreading process
  • Apply rubber cement to casing, using brush or spray gun preparatory to application of camelback new rubber treads
  • Select camelback according to whether tire is to be retreaded or recapped, tire width and tread thickness specified
  • Roll camelback onto casing by hand, and cuts it with knife
  • Roll hand roller over rebuilt casing, exerting pressure, to make sure adhesion between camelback casing
  • May place rebuilt casing in mold for vulcanization process.

Tire Recapper Career Duties

  • Tend machines that recap retread tires for reuse
  • Inspect tire to define whether it is suitable for recapping rejects tire if damaged beyond repair
  • Push tire against power buffing wheels, using tire holder, to prepare tire for recapping or retreading
  • Build new tread onto buffed casing, using brush or spray gun to apply rubber cement, and hand roller to cause tread to adhere to casing
  • Tend mold that vulcanizes tread onto tire and molds tread design, and adjusts controls to inflate air bag within tire to specified pressure heat mold to required temperature
  • May tend machine that automatically ingests, extrudes, and applies rubber to buffed tire.

Tire regrooving machine Operator Career Duties

  • Sets up operates machine to regroove tread surface of pneumatic tires without removing tire from vehicle
  • Raise front or rear of vehicle, using hydraulic jack
  • Position regrooving machine beneath tire secures in place
  • Measure depth of usable tread rubber, using awl
  • Sets cutting blades of machine to maximum depth consistent with safety
  • Guide blade to cut desired pattern in tread surface as machine automatically revolves tire
  • May groove tires by hand [Tire Groover automotive ser. ].

Tire service Supervisor Career Duties

  • Supervise and coordinates activities of workers engaged in servicing and repairing automobile and truck tires tubes
  • Examine damaged, defective, or flat tires to define feasibility of repair assigns workers to tasks, like removing nails, changing tubes, installing boots and changing tires on vehicles
  • May direct activities of workers engaged in repairing, relining and adjusting vehicle brakes
  • Perform other duties as described under Supervisor any industry Master Title.

Tire Vulcanizer Career Duties

  • Vulcanize breaks and holes in casings treads of motor vehicle tires
  • Cuts trims broken sections of tire with knife
  • Scrape cleans area, using electrically or air-rotated wire brush
  • Coat break on inside of tire with rubber cement
  • Cuts raw and corded rubber patches rolls them into rupture, using hand roller, to make sure adhesion
  • Cover rupture on outside of tire with tread rubber works rubber into hole with hand roller
  • Place tire in tire mold of vulcanizing machine which has been heated to specified temperature
  • Adjust air or steam bag inside tire, inflating it to exert pressure on tire in mold
  • Clamp tire in mold and allows it to remain until rubber is vulcanized patch fused with surrounding rubber
  • May inspect rebuff tire.

Top and seat cover Fitter Career Duties

  • Fits and installs automobile seat covers convertible-top
  • Examine standard pattern or removes automobile seat or top measures it to define amount of cover material required
  • Cuts material, using shears and places it on pattern or pins it to seat or top frame
  • Mark material with chalk to indicate where it is to be sewed, reinforced, and decorated
  • Secure completed covers, using tacks, staples, and pliers
  • May operate sewing machine.

Tractor Mechanic Career Duties

  • Diagnose mechanical failures and repairs tractors tractor components according to manuals, factory specifications, and knowledge of engine performances, using handtools, power tools, and testing instruments
  • Attach compression, ignition and timing test instruments to certain parts of tractor, using clamps handtools
  • Start engine dials & reads meters gauges of testing equipment to diagnose engine malfunction
  • Remove disassembles engine, transmission, and clutches, using hoists, jacks, and mechanics handtools
  • Inspect parts for damage, and verifies dimensions clearances of parts for conformance to factory specifications, using gauges, like calipers, and micrometers
  • Replace or repairs worn or damaged parts
  • Grind valves, relines adjusts brakes, tightens body bolts, aligns wheels, and tunes engine
  • May weld defective body or frame parts.

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