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Cardroom Attendant Career Duties

  • Take name of patron requesting seat at table adds name, with chalk, to waiting list on board
  • Page customer over loudspeaker when notified by Supervisor, Cardroom amuse. rec. that seat is available.

Cardroom Manager Career Duties

  • Supervise and coordinates activities of Gambling Dealers amuse. and rec. , Card Players amuse. and rec. , Board Attendants amuse. & rec. , other workers engaged in providing gambling activities in a gambling establishment
  • Prepare work schedule for gambling establishment workers assigns work stations
  • Supervise overall operation to make sure that employees render prompt courteous service to patrons
  • Resolve customer-service complaints and settles matters requiring explanation interpretation of house rules
  • Review operational expenses budget estimates
  • Train new workers evaluates their performance.

Cardroom Plastic card Grader Career Duties

  • Examine plastic playing cards for reuse by patrons of public cardroom
  • Inspect cards for defects, like scratches, cuts and discoloration
  • Replace defective cards with those matching others of deck in color, size and pattern
  • Feel each card of deck for uniform thickness
  • Count, sorts, and repackages cards in box
  • Grade decks according to condition approximate usage.

Cardroom Supervisor Career Duties

  • Supervise and coordinates activities of Cardroom Attendants amuse. and rec. I engaged in selling gambling chips, collecting house fees, and serving food beverages to patrons of cardroom
  • Assign workers to serve patrons at designated group of card tables
  • Examine collection reports, submitted for approval by workers, for accuracy timeliness
  • Explain interprets operating rules of house to patrons
  • Circulate among tables and observes operations to make sure player harmony adjust service complaints
  • Notify Board Attendant amuse. rec. of vacancies at tables so that waiting patrons may play.

Carney Career Duties

  • Attempt to attract patrons to entertainment by exhorting passing public, describing attractions of show emphasizing variety, novelty, beauty, or some other feature believed to incite listeners to attend entertainment
  • May conduct brief free show, introducing performers describing acts to be given at feature performance.

Casino Manager Career Duties

  • Manage casino operation
  • Establish policy on types of gambling to be offered, extension of credit and serving food beverages
  • Hire delegates authority to subordinates
  • Review operational expense collection reports for accuracy
  • Resolve complaints requiring explanation interpretation of house rules.

Change Person Career Duties

  • Exchange coins for customers paper money in slot machine area of gambling establishment
  • Walk and carries money belt in assigned section to exchange size value of coins desired by customers
  • Listen for jackpot alarm bell, issues payoffs and obtains customers signature on receipt when winnings exceed amount contained in machine.

Charter Career Duties

  • Observe horserace, calls out description of race to other worker, and records statistical related data on race for use in racing publication
  • Focuse binoculars on distance markers along track during race and calls out horses numbers, positions, estimate of distances of horses from inside rail between horses and related observable data for other worker to record
  • Revise record of order distance between horses at finish line if different from intercom announcement of official results
  • Copy identifying information, like horses names drivers, from racing form onto record
  • Transcribe race results, like winning intermediate times, purse, and prices paid to bettors from tote board onto record
  • Contact judges, using intercom, for decisions on foul claims notes record accordingly
  • Compute race completion times for all but winning horses, using formula
  • Mail completed record to printer for use in printing race results in racing publications.

Childrens Attendant Career Duties

  • Monitor behavior of unaccompanied children in childrens section of theater to maintain order
  • Escort children who are unaccompanied by adult between theater entrance childrens section when children enter or leave theater
  • Maintain order among children searches for lost articles
  • Note when each child enters section reminds child to go home after witnessing complete performance.

Circus Agent Career Duties

  • Plan and arranges route of circus for following season, coordinating date location schedules
  • Obtain information about facilities of new locations to define feasibility of presenting show
  • Consult with circus officials to arrange route obtain approval of tour
  • Schedule dates of performance for each location, taking into consideration length of travel time to transport circus from one location to another, climatic conditions, budget, and previous years attendance records
  • Rearrange tour in event of unexpected occurrences.

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