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Acrobat Career Duties

  • Entertain audience by performing difficult spectacular feats, like leaping, tumbling, and balancing, alone or as member of team
  • Originate act or adapts stock presentations
  • May use equipment, like chairs teeter board
  • May juggle various articles [Juggler amuse. rec. ]
  • May perform feats requiring bodily contortions and be designated Contortionist amuse. rec. .

Acrobatic Rigger Career Duties

  • Erect equipment for aerial acrobatic acts in shows, like circus, variety show, and carnivals, working as member of crew
  • Drill holes in floor of stage or platform, using electric drill and fastens metal floor plates to hold vertical steel rods
  • Screw steel rods to holding plates stretches wire or rope between rods, using handtools
  • Climb ladder to attach ropes, swinging trapeze, and other rigging to ceiling area
  • Fasten rigging pulleys to hooks or poles in ceiling
  • Erect net under aerial highwire acts for safety of performers
  • Lower and raises trapezes nets during performance.

Advance Agent Career Duties

  • Coordinate business promotional activities concerned with production of entertainment in advance of touring theatrical company, circus, road show, motion picture, or other attraction
  • Inspect performance location and reports condition and if stage presentation, inspects equipment accommodations of theatre, like size of stage, seating capacity and number of dressing rooms
  • Complete business details, like advance sale of tickets lodging for members of touring group
  • Purchase advertising space or spot announcements in newspapers, radio television, and other media
  • Distribute posters, signs, and other displays to stimulate interest in coming attraction and promote box-office sales [Public-Relations Representative profess. kin. ].

Amusement equipment Operator Career Duties

  • Operate or informs patrons how to operate mechanical riding devices furnished by amusement parks, carnivals, or similar places of entertainment
  • Inform patron to fasten belt, bar, or other safety device
  • Move controls to start stop equipment, like roller coaster, merry-go-round and ferris wheel
  • Give directions to patrons, usually over microphone, regarding safety and operation of such rides as midget autos speedboats
  • Turn on current to permit operation of ride by patron turns off current after allotted time
  • Drive vehicles, like trains, on which persons ride, guiding controlling their speed
  • Adds to or removes equipment, according to amount of patronage
  • Oils, refuels, adjusts, and repairs device
  • Test equipment daily before opening ride to patrons
  • May notify patron of expiration of period for which fee was paid to use device
  • May observe patrons boarding vehicle to make sure they are safely seated without being overcrowded safety belts or bars are secure
  • May collect tickets or cash fares from patrons
  • May space rides operated in cars or sections to avoid danger of collisions
  • May be designated according to equipment operated as Auto-Speedway Operator amuse. and rec. , Ferris-Wheel Operator amuse. and rec. , Flume-Ride Operator amuse. and rec. , Merry-Go-Round Operator amuse. & rec. , Monorail Operator amuse. & rec. , Railroad Operator amuse. & rec. , Roller-Coaster Operator amuse. & rec. , Speedboat Operator amuse. & rec. , Swing-Ride Operator amuse. & rec. , Train Operator amuse. & rec. , Whip Operator amuse. rec. .

Amusement Park Entertainer Career Duties

  • Entertain audience in amusement park by exhibiting special skills
  • Designated according to specialty act performed as Fire Eater amuse. and rec. , Hypnotist amuse. & rec. , Organ Grinder amuse. and rec. , Phrenologist amuse. and rec. , Physiognomist amuse. and rec. , Snake Charmer amuse. and rec. , Sword Swallower amuse. rec.
  • May be designated Side-Show Entertainer amuse. rec.
  • May entertain in nightclubs similar establishments
  • May entertain for live variety show or for television production.

Amusement Park Worker Career Duties

  • Perform any combination of following duties in amusement park
  • Escort patrons on tours of parks points of interest
  • Take pictures of patrons to impart pictures onto T-shirts, using camera, automatic printing equipment and heating press
  • Maintain distributes uniforms worn by park employees
  • Clean park grounds, office facilities, and rest room areas, using broom, dust pan, or vacuum cleaner
  • Distribute literature, like maps, show schedules, and pass information, to acquaint visitors with park facilities
  • Monitor activities of children using park playground area to make sure safe use of equipment
  • Direct patrons to seats for park attractions and opens doors to assist patrons entry exit from attractions
  • Receive cash for tickets or items sold to patrons records sales, using cash register.

Animal Keeper Career Duties

  • Feed, waters, and cleans quarters of animals birds in zoo, circus, or menagerie
  • Prepare food for charges by chopping or grinding meat, fish, fruit, or vegetables, mixing prepared, dry, or liquid commercial feeds, or unbaling forage grasses
  • Adds vitamins or medication to food as prescribed by Veterinarian medical ser. 073.101-010
  • Fill water containers places food in cages as specified
  • Clean animals quarters, using rake, water hose, and disinfectant
  • Observe animals to detect illnesses and injuries and notifies Animal Keeper, Head amuse. rec. 412.137-010 or Veterinarian medical ser. of findings
  • Transfer animals from one enclosure to another for purposes like breeding, giving birth, rearrangement of exhibits, or shipping
  • Sets temperature humidity controls of quarters as specified
  • Answer visitors questions concerning animals habits or zoo operations
  • Bathe grooms animals as required
  • May assist Veterinarian medical ser. in treatment of animals for illnesses injuries
  • May assist Animal Trainer amuse. rec. 159.224-010 or instructor in presentation of programs, shows, or lectures
  • May assist maintenance staff in cleaning zoo facilities
  • May be designated according to animal cared for as Bear Keeper amuse. and rec. , Elephant Keeper amuse. and rec. , Monkey Keeper amuse. and rec. , or according to species as Bird Keeper amuse. & rec. , Mammal Keeper amuse. rec.
  • May direct activities of other workers.

Animal Keeper Head Career Duties

  • Supervise and coordinates activities of workers engaged in care and exhibition of birds animals at establishments, like zoos or circuses
  • Observe animals to detect signs of illness consults with Veterinarian medical ser. to define type of medication or treatment required
  • Inspect cages, grottos and pens for cleanliness structural defects
  • Assign workers to various tasks, and oversees treatment, preparation of food, feeding of animals, and maintenance repair of animal quarters
  • Specify type of animal to exhibit in zoo location of exhibit, according to weather, animal behavior characteristics, and physical condition
  • Perform other duties as described under Supervisor any industry Master Title
  • May hire, train, and discharge workers
  • May keep time records and prepare supply requisitions reports
  • May coordinate training of animals for circus performance
  • May give lectures to public to stimulate interest in animals.

Animal ride Attendant Career Duties

  • Assist patrons to mount ride animals, collects payment for ride, and attends animals in amusement facility
  • Select animal to be ridden on basis of size age of patron
  • Accept payment for ride
  • Assist patron to mount ride animal, performing tasks, like lifting child into saddle, explaining safe riding techniques, leading animal, and observing patron to detect uneasiness or handling difficulty
  • Attend animals, performing tasks, like harnessing, saddling, feeding, watering, grooming, observing symptoms of illness, and cleaning stable
  • May be designated according to type of animal ridden as Pony-Ride Attendant amuse. rec. .

Animal ride Manager Career Duties

  • Manage stable of animals, trains animals for riding, and supervises workers engaged in handling attending animals, selling rides, and assisting patrons to ride animals
  • Purchase animals, feed supplies
  • Examine animals for injury or symptoms of illness arranges for veterinarian services when required
  • Train animals for riding, performing tasks, like teaching animals to walk, trot or gallop
  • Inspect facilities for cleanliness
  • Supervise and coordinates workers engaged in feeding, watering, grooming, harnessing and training animals, selling rides and assisting patrons to mount ride animals.

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