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List of Career Duties Under Business Sector

Duty implies an "obligation", against another party, which on the contrary, has a "right". The duty may take different forms of obligations, according to the area with which it is related: moral, legal, tax, financial, social, to name just a few of them. In most cases, the breach of duty lies in a penalty, fine or punishment for the person who had the obligation, and according to the magnitude of the duty not fulfilled, will be the magnitude of those consequences.

In this page we'll speak about careers duties which means what are "job duties" that a worker must perform.

Essential rule: Determine the job duties for each career

Determining the duties of a job - also called responsibilities - is essential when defining it. The duties that have to be assumed with the job have to reflect the main functions to be carried out. At first, defining six or seven essential duties will be sufficient, although later, the most accurate definition of all of them will be necessary.

Defining duties must be clear that it is not to define the daily work routine of those who occupy that job, but of the areas in which that work will have an impact. The definition of duties must be clear.

On the other hand, the language used to define duties must be as clear and direct as possible, avoiding frills or excessively technical language. The definition of duties has to be clear enough so that anyone can understand the fundamental problems.

The definition of the duties of a given job should be something similar to the instructions that the occupant of the job receives from their superior. A good definition could be: get, recommend, visit, make and post.

Find Careers Duties by a Business Sector

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