Where You Can Post Jobs Online For Free?

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Where You Can Post Jobs Online For Free?

An effective and particular job advertisement is the key to quickly finding a specialist in their field who can take up the suggested job position. However, problems with finding hands to work in numerous industries generate excessive costs of recruitment processes. How to discover an employee based only on free job advertisements?

In the past, an employer who was seeking an employee didn't have much room for maneuver in context of advertising his job offer. Word of mouth, whispered advertising, a visit to Employment Office are the only ways that once assured a fast finding of an employee.?

Today there're numerous more possibilities. Of course, the largest organizations leave the recruitment zone to professional entities that professionally supply services for recruiting specialists in every field. This is a very convenient solution that in fact limits the role of organization to listing requirements for candidate and settling the bill for service. The recruitment organization will independently create an offer, discover candidates, conduct the recruitment process, and finally pass the results to organization that is seeking an employee. However, this is an expensive solution that not every organization can afford. If we want to discover an employee as quickly as possible, without generating excessive recruitment costs, we have another alternatives. What?

First of all, the channel to which every Internet user who is seeking a new position reaches - portals with job offers. This is the most effective and reliable way for candidates matching the job profile to report their willingness to work for us.?

Free vs paid job advertisements - what to choose?

Nowadays, employers have at their disposal over 30 portals that publish current job offers. This gives us enormous potential that will enable us to reach the widest possible audience. However, it is worth being aware that not every portal offers the opportunity of placing a free advertisement. ?

Numerous of them operate on a subscription basis or on a payment basis for better visibility of job offer. So, if we plan to hire an employee in future, is it worth investing in paid ads on professional portals? First of all, it is worth doing research, not all the time paid portals are worth the price, while the free ones can surprise us positively. In this case, the reach with which a given portal reaches jobseekers may turn out to be significant. The more great the reach of a choosed site for publishing advertisements, the more great the opportunity of accelerating the recruitment process.??

Why is it worth reducing recruitment costs by selecting free job advertisements?

Searching for a new employee dose not all the time have to involve extra costs. If an organization is unwilling or unable to utilize paid recruiting methods, free job postings may be enough.?

The biggest dilemma, however, concerns primarily who we are seeking what position. If a vacancy in our organization requires expert skills, it is worth selecting a place to publish your advertisement, the target group of which is not only job seekers, but also people 'including experts' who are not currently seeking a job. In this way, we are capable to reach the talents who are at the meantime employed - it may turn out that an attractive job offer will encourage such people to alter employment.

Our Top 3 recommended free online advertising places for your jobs

1. Indeed

Indeed offers publications recruitment ads in Pay Per Click model. Offers have two forms of visibility:

Limited visibility - free, available to organizations with exception of another job portals and recruitment companies

Promoted visibility - paid

Advertisements with limited visibility quickly lose their position on first pages of job search results, which makes them less effective than promoted offers. Promoted Listings are kept on front pages for as long as the advertising budget allows. The budget is reduced each time the candidate clicks on advertisement.

2. Facebook groups

Facebook is a valuable and free source of candidates, particularly in context of groups that are created on this portal in order to search for and offer jobs. Below is a list of groups that will be permanently updated. The groups are divided into locations plus specializations. Each group shows how numerous members the group has. As a general rule, the more members there are, the more people are likely to see the advertisement, and therefore the more great the opportunity of attracting a candidate. Therefore, testing groups on Facebook is worth starting with groups with largest number of members.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the basic tool for recruiters. This is evidenced by statistics: 97% of recruiters actively utilize LinkedIn. Every day, they send over 1 million InMail messages to potential candidates. And this is not the only way to search for a candidate on LinkedIn. Moreover to paid forms, numerous recruiters successfully utilize their own profiles to obtain candidates in an organic way - utilizing their own network of contacts. LinkedIn has become a basic work tool for numerous, and its capabilities are used in numerous ways.

It is time to alter your thinking and begin going beyond the current framework of action: publishing offers, waiting for applications, contact with candidates, etc. It is time to alter the reactive attitude into a proactive one: take care of your own brand 'ex. by properly completing the profile from which we will communicate with candidates', plan communication in social media that will inform about the culture of organization, the course of recruitment process, employee benefits, targeting the development of employees' skills, etc.

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