How to Earn Money By Helping Elderly?

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How to Earn Money By Helping Elderly?

Most of us need to care for elderly at some point in our lives. If you tend to be of service, enjoy being around and caring for elderly, then a career as a senior helper is ideal for you. Here's how to become a helper:

Duties of a senior helper

- Save the contact details of person's' to be contacted in an emergency with you at all times and make sure that they and your own numbers are available and easily accessible to seniors outside your working hours.

Services can be:

- Visiting the elderly person's home daily, making certain things are going well, doing chores, or getting the same done through other service.

- Regularly report on senior's status to family member who is paying for your services, when that's the case.

- Take the seniors to any community event they want to attend.

- Do the essential shopping, medicine as per dosage and requirement.

- Any another responsibility needed and communicated at the time of hiring.

DO NOT assume responsibility for medical care unless you've received suitable training. If doctor appointments are made, ensure your client keeps to appointment.

How to advertise and sell your service

- Since this activity would be located near where you live, your advertising and marketing activities will be focused solely on local community.

You can utilize these cost-effective ways to educate people about your business and sell your service:

- Attractively show your business details with contact numbers on bulletin boards of local community center, the local senior center, the local clubs, the library and local medical and health center, etc.

- Contact the local doctor and hospital and clarify your organization, your previous relevant experience, etc. Display evidence of your credentials where possible. Whenever they come through cases that need your services, they will refer your company.

- This is an activity which essentially is based on credentials, not ads. Therefore, inquire for a recommendation when supplying services.

How to charge for your services

- What you offer in first place is your time and some service. Therefore, the payment would be for your time in first place.

- List all of duties you'll take on as a helper from the above and any extra responsibilities specified for position. For each, make a list of all the expenses you've to pay under this duty.

Some such costs are:

- Phone calls from your home to confirm the elderly person is okay, and check in for night when confirmation calls are part of said responsibility.

- Transport costs from your home to home of elderly.

- Any costs of items bought for seniors such as groceries, medicines, laundry collection, etc. that must be reimbursed.

- You can charge a flat rate per hour as well as any extra charges that are not already defined. Let's say the cost of your daily transportation can be contained in flat rate, but any transportation costs to and from hospitals will be extra.

As you can see, very few money is spent in this industry. All you need is time, a phone, a car, a computer and some accounting. Everything beyond these costs is profit

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