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Searching for job application letters, find more than +20k application letter templates examples for different job titles.

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What is a Job Application Letter?

A job application letter is the letter intends to give you access to a job interview. An application letter must make the company interested in you, as well as your motivation and your skills in relation to the job.

What are the reasons of using a sample application letters?

  • You want to get ideas for your own letter with the help of a good sample letter.
  • You must respond quickly to a vacancy. With the help of a good sample letter you quickly write your own strikingly good application letter.
  • You want to compare your own application letter with a good sample letter;
  • It has been years since you wrote an application letter. You want to know how to do that again. An example of a good application letter will help you on your way.
  • You're not much of a writer. You find it especially difficult to write fluently and convincingly. This works much better with the help of a good sample letter.
  • You don't know what to say in your letter and how to set it up. An example application letter offers you guidance in this regard.
  • You are very motivated. You want to increase your chances of being invited for an interview with the help of a good example application letter.
  • It is your first time writing an application letter. Before you get started, you therefore first want to look at a number of good sample application letters.
  • You don't know how to start or end an application letter. You are therefore looking for a good example of an application letter.
  • You want to look good, but spelling is not your forte. With an error-free sample letter you feel a lot more confident.
  • You have written the same letter dozens of times without a positive result. You can give some good sample letters new ideas with which you can get more variety in your letters and better match vacancies.

What is the difference between regular and open application letter?

There is a clear difference between an open application letter and a regular one. With a regular cover letter, you often only start working when you have seen a suitable vacancy. For example, it says on the internet or in the newspaper that a company has a certain position available and that it's looking for someone for it.

You can respond to this if you fit the profile. This is really targeted application for a particular job, but it's different with an open application letter. Then you send an open application letter to a company, "open" in the sense that there are several possibilities. You indicate what your strengths are, what your motivation is, what your options are and what experiences you have and then the company can see whether it wants to use your services.

What do you write an application letter?

Writing a application letter can be tricky. Maybe you have never done this or you may never be invited for an interview. In both cases, read the 10 tips for a application letter that we give here. With this you do not forget anything and you have a better chance of being allowed to come for an interview. Ten tips for writing a rock-solid application letter:

  • Read the vacancy text carefully and write down all the job requirements
  • Use short sentences when writing your cover letter
  • Don't make your cover letter a rerun of your resume
  • Address to the correct contact person
  • Create a custom cover letter

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