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Accountant Property

Identifies keeps record of company owned or leased equipment, buildings, and also other property. Records description, value, location plus other pertinent information of each item. Conducts periodic inventories to keep records current ensure that equipment is properly maintained. Distributes cost of maintenance to proper accounts. Examines records to define that acquisition, sale, retirement, and also other entries have been made. Prepares statements reflecting monthly appreciated depreciate...

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Accountant Systems

Devises as well as installs special accounting systems related procedures in establishment which cannot use standardized system. Conducts survey of operations to ascertain needs of establishment. Sets up classification of accounts & organizes accounting procedures machine methods support. Devises forms as well as prepares manuals required to guide activities of bookkeeping plus clerical personnel who post data keep records. May adapt conventional accounting as well as recordkeeping...

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Accountant Tax

Prepares federal, state, or local tax returns of individual, business establishment, or other organization. Examines accounts plus records computes taxes owed according to prescribed rates, laws plus regulations, using computer. Advises management regarding effects of business activities on taxes and additionally on strategies for minimizing tax liability. Ensures that establishment complies with periodic tax payment, information reporting, and also other taxing authority requirements. Repres...

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Accounting Assistant

Assist with maintaining various monthly financial accounting activities. Assist with maintaining various financial schedules, reports analysis. Assist with the budget, including receiving, recording reviewing budgets. Create file budget documents. Help maintaining all receipts, expenditures, payables deposits. Responsible for order inventory entry, tracking, reporting as directed by Accountant. Develop tracking of customer business, promotions sales reporting. Provide assistance support t...

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Accounting Clerk

Perform general accounting functions preparation of Accounts Payable. Coordinate among various business units for making sure consistency in accounting treatment of all transactions as directed. Alert management to financial discrepancies insufficiencies. Assist with finance-related reports as directed. Perform administrative tasks necessary to maintain the efficiency of the finance department as directed, like filing, scanning correspondence....

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