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Accident prevention squad Police Officer

Investigates traffic accidents as member of squad to obtain details surrounding accident, determine if crime was committed, and also to provide interested parties with reliable data surrounding accident for use in legal action or formulation or revision of traffic safety program. Photographs plus diagrams accident scene & tests brakes tires of involved vehicles, using testing equipment. Questions & records statements of principals eye witnesses of accident. Reviews all facts to define if...

Career Samples:

Accordion Maker

Lays out as well as constructs accordions, applying knowledge of accordion construction, using handtools plus operating variety of wood metalworking machines. Studies sketch of accordion or customers specifications to plan work. Measures marks woodstock to lay out wood parts. Operates woodworking machines, like saw sander, and also uses carpenter handtools to cut, shape, and also finish wood parts of instrument. Measures, cuts, and also pleats cardboard to form bellows. Covers bellows wit...

Career Samples:

Accordion Repairer

Repairs as well as tunes accordions concertinas, using handtools. Disassembles instrument plus parts, like base treble mechanisms, bellows, reed blocks plus manuals (keyboards), using handtools. Moves parts, observing their action to detect defects. Files, realigns, and also adjusts parts, using handtools. Recovers bellows with sateen cloth. Glues leather on corners of bellows. Operates woodworking machines uses handtools to make wood replacement parts. Repairs cracks in celluloid. Solde...

Career Samples:

Account Clerk

Responsible to verify, input, and also retrieve financial data transactions in various computer systems. Prepare checks for payments of invoices other payments. Analyze accounts payable, accounts receivable, promissory notes & assessments, similar types of revenue revenue-generating documents. Summarize higher level numerical as well as financial data to compile keep financial records. Issue bills, invoices, account statements other financial statements according to established procedure...

Career Samples:

Account Director

Own assigned client accounts owning their strategic development. Leading the delivery of all projects for your accounts. Driving client relationships taking responsibility for client satisfaction. Driving client business development initiatives. Leading the new business process....

Career Samples:

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