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Duties And Responsibilities:
lays out, cuts, and also assembles custom leather products, like belts, purses, sandals, and also garments, from original designs or existing patterns. examines customers sketch or sample of leather product to be fabricated confers with customer regarding specifications of product. draws outline of leather parts on paper or cardboard to form pattern and additionally cuts out pattern pieces, using square, compass, ruler, pencil and additionally scissors. selects leather, positions pattern on leather, and also cuts leather parts, using knife shears. assembles leather products according to sketch, utilizing knowledge as well as experience plus work devices, like sewing machine, needle and thread or leather lacing, glue & clamps, or r...

Duties And Responsibilities:
selects cuts pelts to make, alter, or repair garments or other fur articles. selects required number of fur pelts matches them for size, color, texture plus quality. arranges pelts on pattern according to design & color, placing finest pelts where they will show to best advantage give garment symmetrical appearance. numbers pelts to indicate their pattern location. cuts off inferior or unusable parts, like heads, necks, sides, rumps, and also tails. slits skin of furs into diagonal strips, leaving uncut margin at edge, to obtain specified length shape of pelt, using furriers knife. cuts pelts to shape them to garment pattern....

Duties And Responsibilities:
completes, alters, and also repairs fur garments, sewing by hand or using sewing machine. sews interlining to inside of fur skin by hand or using blindstitch sewing machine. selects lining pattern or measures garment shell or old lining, cuts out lining parts and additionally sews parts together, using sewing machine. sews lining into shell, using sewing machine or needle thread. sews on hooks, rings, hem tape, buttons, monograms, and also padding for collars as well as cuffs, using needle thread. may baste lining parts together by hand to facilitate machine sewing. may sew preassembled lining into shell. may sew linings only be designated fur liner (fur goods). may replace linings as well as repair damaged skins plus be designated...

Duties And Responsibilities:
covers as well as lines luggage frames with fabric, leather, imitation leather, or vinyl plastics attaches hardware to complete luggage according to sketches or customers order. measures luggage frame with rule to define size of cover material. cuts material to size with guillotine knife, drapes material over frame and additionally trims it to fit, using scissors or knife. spreads glue over back of material with brush glues material to frame. sews edges of material to frame, using foot-controlled stitching machine, to provide additional bond. drills holes for rivets as well as attaches handles hardware, using foot-controlled rivet punch machine. cuts lining to fit inside of frame glues it in place. sews welting, piping, or chafing s...

Duties And Responsibilities:
cuts, assembles, and also joins leather parts as well as other materials to form saddle, following specifications, like size of saddle, color grain of leather, or type of saddle. cuts out parts, according to specifications. joins edges of parts to form saddle tree cover, using needle thread or stitching machine. positions covering cushioning materials, like cotton batting, foam rubber, or mohair over saddle tree. joins covering to saddle tree, using cement, nails, needle thread, or stitching machine. attaches accessories or ornamentation to saddle with rivets or needle thread. applies paint liquid dressing to produce glossy finish, using brush or sponge. may cut as well as stamp lettering decorative designs into surface of leathe...

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