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Abrasive Sawyer

Tends machine equipped with circular diamond saw that cuts abrasive sticks stones for honing machines. Places abrasive bricks (blocks) against guide clamps bricks onto holding fixture of machine. Starts machine flow of coolant. Presses button to start feed mechanism that moves brick against diamond saw to cut abrasive sticks of specified dimensions. Measures cut stick, using micrometer. Removes burrs from stick, using file made of same material. May tend diamond saw to trim crust from abrasiv...

Career Samples:

Abrasive wheel Molder

Tends hydraulic press that molds synthetic abrasive disks, hones, and also grinding wheels. Selects mold parts according to size thickness of wheel desired plus assembles parts to form mold. Weighs out specified amounts of abrasive compound & adhesive or activates automatic hopper that dumps specified quantity of abrasive mix into pan, pours compound into mold on rotating turntable and additionally inserts bushings hubnuts in center of mold to form wheel. Places top plate on mold, positions...

Career Samples:

Abrasives Sales Representative

Sells abrasive materials in granulated or pellet form, and also abrasive products, like wheels, disks, and also belts. Advises engineering, production plus purchasing staffs on processes methods in use of abrasive materials. Determines abrasive requirements for specific grinding, buffing and additionally polishing operations on metal, plastic, ceramics, or wood materials. Performs other duties as described under Sales Representative (retail trade, wholesale tr.) Master Title....

Career Samples:

Absorption and adsorption Engineer

Designs equipment as well as devises chemical processes to remove plus separate components of gas mixture or liquid solutions by absorption and adsorption, using knowledge of chemistry engineering. Devises processes directs workers, using equipment, like crushers, grinders, kilns, screens, pumps, compressors, pipelines, valves, tanks plus separators. Directs workers controlling flow of liquid or gas through an adsorbent, like fullers earth, clays, carbons, charcoal and additionally bo...

Career Samples:

Absorption Operator

Controls equipment that absorbs gases liquids into water or other solvents to produce chemicals, like hydrochloric acid or ammonium hydroxide. Starts pumps, turns valves plus observes flowmeters to control concentration, flow, temperature plus quantity of coolant, gas, liquid plus absorbing liquor through cooling absorption towers. Turns valves to regulate feed of solution produced & rate of steam to purge boilers as well as condensers to separate impurities from solution plus obtain pro...

Career Samples:

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