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Abrasive coating machine Operator

Sets up operates machine to coat cloth, fiber, or paper with granules of abrasive material. Positions machine guides stops on machine bed according to size of base material, using rule or template. Turns screws to adjust valve openings to regulate thickness of abrasive coating sprinkled on base material. Dumps specified abrasive, like flint, garnet, emery, or corundum into container on machine. Positions flat piece of base material on machine bed as well as against guides stops. Starts mach...

Career Samples:

Abrasive Grader

Operates pebble mill to grind emery, rouge, and also other abrasives separates them according to fineness by water suspension method. Examines abrasive under microscope to define grinding time required plus grinds abrasive in pebble mill. Turns valve to allow ground particles water to flow into agitator tank. Presses button to start agitator which stirs particles into suspension. Stops machine determines by microscopic examination when particles of particular grade have settled below tank out...

Career Samples:

Abrasive Grinder

Tends machine that faces grinds specified radii on abrasives. Sets machine guides to regulate angle of feed of abrasive to grinder. Places abrasive in fixture manually feeds abrasive to grinding wheel, or starts machine that automatically feeds abrasive against grinder. Inspects abrasives for conformance to specifications, using fixed gauge micrometer....

Career Samples:

Abrasive Mixer

Tends machine that mixes abrasive compounds for use in making polishing buffing wheels, and also hones. Calculates amount of grit, clay plus adhesive required according to formulas. Weighs out ingredients, dumps ingredients into mixing machine and additionally starts mixing machine. Feels mixture as well as adds water resins until specified consistency is attained. Scoops mixed compound into oscillating sieve to screen out lumps oversized granules. Dumps compound into barrels for further pr...

Career Samples:

Abrasive mixer Helper

Assists Abrasive Mixer (nonmet. min.) in mixing ingredients to form polishing buffing compounds by performing any of following duties. Dumps specified ingredients in mixing machine. Turns valve to drain finished mix from machine. Transports supplies products between plant locations, using handtruck. Performs other duties as described under Helper (any industry) Master Title....

Career Samples:

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