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Acid Extractor

Controls equipment, like washers, rectifiers, acid pots, and also mixing tanks arranged in series to recover tar acids from coal-tar oils. Starts pumps to circulate oil through equipment plus opens valves at various stages to treat oil with chemicals, carbon dioxide plus steam, according to specified instrument readings. Performs routine tests at different processing stages for defining effectiveness of treatment. Samples products for laboratory analysis, and also interprets results of analyses...

Career Samples:

Acid Filler

Fills storage battery cells with sulfuric acid solutions of specified concentration preparatory to forming charging. Arranges batteries in groups on tables or trucks according to specified acid concentration. Holds spouts of hoses on gravity flow or siphon-type fillers over battery vents. Adjusts valves manually or pushes pedal to control flow of acid to cells. Fits rubber gaskets on multiple filler head of vacuum filling machine to set level of fill. Positions filler head on battery vents as...

Career Samples:

Acid Maker

Controls rotary or spray sulfur furnaces alkali absorption towers to make cooking acid for use in digesting woodpulp. Moves controls plus observes gauges to regulate combustion chamber, speed of furnace rotation plus volume of liquid sulfur in furnace to maintain specified temperature acidity required to produce sulfur dioxide gas. Adjusts valves to regulate flow of water sulfur dioxide gas through alkali absorption towers according to titration tests to produce cooking acid of specified co...

Career Samples:

Acid plant Helper

Tends furnace, absorber, cooler, scrubber, and also auxiliary equipment used in producing phosphoric acid by oxidation hydration of elemental phosphorus. Patrols work area, observes water levels in scrubber, venturi-duct pan plus cooling-tower basin, plus reads flowmeter pressure gauges on phosphorus pump, fans plus blower to verify process conditions. Records or calls readings to operator. Observes flow of cooling water over top outer walls of furnace to make sure uniform distribution, and...

Career Samples:

Acid polymerization Operator

Tends batch still as well as polymerization vessel to distill polymerize acrylic acid used in production of plastics. Tends laboratory-type batch still to vaporize condense acrylic acid [Batch-Still Operator (chemical) I]. Measures amount of distillate, using burette or gauging rod and additionally pours distilled acid into water-jacketed polymerization vessel. Heats vessel to prescribed temperature, and also adds specified quantity of reagents to effect polymerization. Draws samples of prod...

Career Samples:

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