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As a job seeker you may need to know how to send a good application for the employer in a way that covers your qualifications to attract your target employer, or you may need to start writing your resume and need a guide for the basic elements required. Our simple samples will help you!

As an employer you may need to know how to send a good job offer for your target candidate. You'll also need a guide for how to start writing and format your employment contract for a new employee or experience letter for an x-employee. Our simple samples will help you!

Job Samples

What is a Job Appointment Letter?

An appointment letter is a message from the employer to a specific candidate confirming that he/she has been hired. This letter may also contains the agreements made, including the employment conditions.

Why you need to send an appointment letter?

At the start of employment with a candidate, you consider a long-term and pleasant cooperation. The unambiguous recording of agreements made makes an important contribution to this.

It often happens that verbal agreements are not confirmed in writing and this ultimately leads to discussion. That's why the job appointment letter is one of the important steps to consider when hiring new employees. Here we give some simple examples that use main job duties in order to create an appointment letter.

Job Appointment Letters

What Is a Job Description?

A job description is a document including necessary information for both the organization and employee. The employer must familiarize the employee with this document. The job description contains, as an example, the scope of duties performed in a given position.

The advantages of a clear job description are in short:

  • Can be used for talks about salary increases
  • Helps you understand your professional role
  • An updated job description shows what you actually do and gives a better CV
  • Counteracts congestion
  • Assists in trade union negotiations

Our job descriptions examples

We collected for you samples from the common and most required jobs in order to help you with writing your job description.

Job Descriptions