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As a job seeker you may need to know how to send a good application for the employer in a way that covers your qualifications to attract your target employer, or you may need to start writing your resume and need a guide for the basic elements required. Our simple samples will help you!

As an employer you may need to know how to send a good job offer for your target candidate. You'll also need a guide for how to start writing and format your employment contract for a new employee or experience letter for an x-employee. Our simple samples will help you!

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What Is a Job Description?

A job description is a document including necessary information for both the organization and employee. The employer must familiarize the employee with this document. The job description contains, as an example, the scope of duties performed in a given position.

Why are we preparing a job description?

It takes a long time to prepare a job description. However, it pays to prepare such a document reliably. This is because it permits you to specify the requirements for candidates who apply for a job in a particular position, it specifies the obligations of employees, thanks to which they realize what to do. The job description reduces the manager's commitment to translating work rules.

Why a Clear Job Description is Important?

A job description can often be produced quickly and without much work, which is often a mistake. There are many reasons why you should take the time to produce a clear description that also reflects the position and the expectations you have of the candidates. If you produce a deficient job description before a recruitment, there is a risk that the wrong candidates will apply for the position, while the right candidates will give up. If the description is too vague, you can get more applications than necessary, and sifting through these will be a resource-intensive job. A well-written job description must therefore in a truthful way reflect the job. It is common for the job description to have a beautifying language or be written in an overly formal way. This should be avoided as the goal is simply to get as many of the potentially interested and interesting candidates to apply for the position. It is also important that it is at the same time relatively short and concise and does not have too much information as it may be superfluous for jobseekers to read through everything.

The advantages of a clear job description are in short:

  • Can be used for talks about salary increases
  • Helps you understand your professional role
  • An updated job description shows what you actually do and gives a better CV
  • Counteracts congestion
  • Assists in trade union negotiations

Our job descriptions examples

We collected for you samples from the common and most required jobs in order to help you with writing your job description.

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