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"In this website you'll find +20K free templates examples for different careers, sample job descriptions and duties, cv resumes & cover letters, work experience letters, job application letters, employment contracts, offer letters, interview questions and more samples; you'll also find featured lists for skills, professions, career advice blog which contains tips that give a better guide for job seekers when searching for jobs and recruiters with their hiring process."

For Job Seekers

Using our resumes, job letters and interviews examples, as well as our career tips will better help you to increase your career opportunities, success in your work, and get the know-how for planning your future paths.

For Employers and HR Professionals

Using our job descriptions, experience certificates, offer letters and job contracts examples, as well as our career advice and tips, will assist you with writing your employment documents, guide you for how to post attractive job profiles and give you the keys for managing your team successfully.

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Best Career Tips

Are you a job seeker? Our career tips will give you better understanding for how to make career templates,choose your perfect career and more.

Are you an employer? Our career tips will give you better understanding for how to make make career documents, manage your recruitment and more.

Tips For a Job Seeker

12 Good Career Advice

Be Targeted: You don't get far with standard applications or by sending 100 resumes at a time. You should always be focused on your job search and make sure that the material you submit is targeted to the person or company you're writing to.

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Discover Your Perfect Career

Professional success will also depend on how happy you're during your university life. Therefore, finding your vocation will be one of the most important steps. Finding your ideal career is the first step towards your university adventure. Choosing the right one will allow you to study with greater motivation, with passion and dedication in the classrooms and in each objective you set.

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50 Tips For How to Make a Career

How do I become successful? Everyone will have asked this question. However, the answer isn't easy to give. There is no manual that directly leads to a career. There are, however, ways to make career a little easier. We are happy to help you and together with a number of other experts put together 50 tips to make a career for you! A must read for a good career.

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5 Tips to Grow in Your Career

You have a nice job and you're completely in your place, but you want to keep growing. How do you approach that best? We provide five tips to make a career within your own position.

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Career Path

What does career mean? Career has traditionally meant moving up in working life - for a job with greater responsibility, higher pay and more status. However, the career concept today is broader and is about much more than moving upwards towards leadership and influence.

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What Career is Right for Me

Whether you're attending secondary school or university course, you're consciously or unknowingly concerned with your future career. If you have chosen a course such as medicine, then you often already have an idea about what your career will look like. But for anyone who has chosen a 'broad study' or is still looking for a course, the future is often still unclear in terms of their career.

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Personal Branding Concept

Personal Branding is a concept of personal development is to consider oneself as a brand, that's like trademarks, must be processed, transmitted and protected, intending to differentiate themselves and achieve greater success Social and professional relationships.

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Career Objective

By setting objectives you get more control over your career. it ensures that you grow in the direction of your dream career. you take matters into your own hands. setting objectives gives you the result you want faster.

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Five Ways to Earn Good Money From the Internet

You want to buy something special, your family is going to expand or the Christmas period is approaching. Everyone has a moment in their life when they need extra money. And believe it or not, but it's possible to supplement your income or even earn a modest income! In this article we show you five ways to make money through the internet.

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Choose Careers That Match Your Personality

Here are some tips for you to choose your degree career according to your personality type: There are dozens of ways to choose a career and facilitate this path for students; Pre-university students can analyze this information to make a decision; Knowing the careers that are associated with personality can simplify the path.

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Best Tips for Overcoming a Job Interview

Create a good impression. First impressions are of great importance. Many entrepreneurs believe that after having seen a candidate come through the door, observe how to shake hands and sit down, they are able to decide on their worth.

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7 Career Boosters For The Summer

Many people think about the next career move in the summer. The labor market is currently favorable and the number of new vacancies is increasing. The vacation time can therefore be used to think about a career switch.

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The Importance of Continuing to Grow

The restlessness, curiosity and constant learning is something that must remain and develop throughout the life of a person as it provides us with an intellectual, cultural, fundamental growth to grow as a person.

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Tips to Create The Best Resume

Whether you're unemployed or have a job but aspire to a better job, you must have a good resume. The resume is still a key document to access companies and you should take care of it to the fullest. The main objective of a resume right now is to attract attention, be attractive and be different from the rest. We give you all the keys on how to make a perfect professional work resume.

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Career Coach

Career coaching is a service provision that is aimed at supporting people in determining the course of their career. Career coaching can be offered as a route by a career coach. This person is a specialist in guiding people with regard to career issues. In addition to career coaches, other people can also guide career coaching programs. This could include personnel officers, career counselors, career advisers, deans and training advisors.

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5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Career Fairs

By attending a career fair, you meet many different employers in the same place and you have a unique opportunity to network - giving your job opportunities a real boost. Trade fairs offer a platform for students and graduates to talk to potential employers. Some are general, while others focus on specific areas of work such as legislation, technology or IT.

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The 3 Best Ways to Find Online Jobs

Now that the economy is improving, more people are trying to find a new job. Not so long ago the newspaper was the place to look for vacancies, but as with so many things, the internet has taken over that role.

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Tips for Motivation Letters

For most vacancies you're asked to send an application letter and resume. But it also happens that a motivation letter is explicitly requested. Indeed, if one internships, traineeships, business courses or in-house days will respond, is almost always asked for a cover letter. To help you apply with a motivation letter, this article contains a number of valuable tips.

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Career Counseling Services

Career counseling is professional help to uncover individual opportunities and to make the right decisions based on this. Changing jobs is a big decision, and it's often difficult to separate opportunities, skills and the motivation for a specific area or job.

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Tips For an Employer

Tips for Making a Good Employment Contract

It's remarkable how often lawyers find weaknesses in the employment contracts drawn up by employers themselves. Drawing up an employment contract seems easier than you think. It pays to think more consciously about the provisions that matter in the event of a labor dispute.

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6 Tips for Hiring First Employee

There is a lot involved when hiring your first employee. it's important that you make the right choices. take advantage of these practical tips for starting employers.

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Write a Job Description That Brings the Best Candidates

You want to recruit a talented employee, but you have to play the elbow because the job market is difficult? You may also ask: When was the last time you read and reworked all of your job descriptions?

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6 Tips for a Good Training Period

As an entrepreneur, you want new staff to feel at home quickly and get started quickly. So training properly is important and you play an important role in this. With these tips you prepare the arrival of a new colleague in the right way.

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How to Find the Best Candidates

There is a type of marketing whose objectives are a priority for any company . We talk about employer branding: find the best candidates to join our team and convince them to want to work with us.

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5 Tips for a Healthy Working Atmosphere in The Wholesale Trade

The working atmosphere has a major influence on the results of your company. That's why it's important to promote it as much as possible. How do you contribute to a healthy working atmosphere?

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Social Media Tips for Staffing

A growing number of companies are recruiting staff through social media, such as facebook, linkedin and twitter. how do you handle that? how do you get into the picture of applicants, talents and experienced employees? use these 9 tips.

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5 Tips for Recruitment During a Recession

Is it easier to find good employees during a recession? Expert Jolanda Salari doesn't think so. Recruitment and selection have become almost an art because of the enormous range. Five tips for finding that suitable candidate.

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Discover what skills are required in order to build or develop your career. A skill is an important subject for your resume, interview, and professional work. Skilled candidates and employees stand out better in the employment marketplace. Read our top articles.

Best Skills that Will Get You a Job

Listening Skills: A good talker is first and foremost a good listener. Being able to really listen in the workplace is very important. It allows you to make decisions faster, come up with solutions, mine situations or help colleagues get back on track when they have a problem.

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Interviewing Skills

Everyone can learn how to successfully complete an interview, reading this article helps you to develop your interviewing skills.

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Skills to Put on a Resume

A good list of skill sets that are important for an employer will ensure that your resume is better than 90% of your competition. In addition, ensure that there are also a number of skills in your profile and in your cover letter. But also with your work experience and your training.

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What Skills Do Employers Want

With so many graduates applying for each position, you must prove that you have the employability skills that recruiters are looking for. Although the required knowledge and skills may vary from job to job, it's imperative that you clarify in your application forms how you acquired the core attributes that you think would make you a valuable addition to the organization.

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Skills and Qualifications

The individual has 'qualifications' that enable him to perform a particular job. Qualifications are the knowledge and skills needed to perform specific work functions and processes at the companies. Qualifications have been broken down in different ways to describe what companies need from employees and what the formal education system should train the future workforce.

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More About Most Important Skills

Other Top Skills For Professional Employees

Popular Careers List

When it comes to career choices, many people over time continue to be anxious about paying more, more vacation time or just more job satisfaction. Whether you've been in your career for a few years or have done the same for decades, it is possible to breathe new life into your career path.

For more careers guide we give you a list for common careers so you can get good highlights about your career interests.


The Accountancy & Finance profession concerns professions where finance is central. With accounting the focus is on noting the finances in order to gain insight into and accountability for the accounting of a company. Financially it's more about manipulating these finances. For both types of professions, a company without someone who is paying attention to finances will not make it long. This profession is therefore crucial in our society. Arithmetic and numerical insight are the core requirements to get a job in this profession.

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Advertising training provides tools to maintain customer loyalty, create content that entertains, mix the artistic with the commercial, ability to convey simplicity in words, recognize the type of audience you're talking to, use images according to the message and make the most of the available resources .

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Advocacy is a very old profession that dates back to classical Greece and Rome. That's where the National State originated, which today defines and regulates our Western societies. Advocacy or law is a humanistic discipline that encompasses several branches of knowledge: history, sociology, economics, ethics, philosophy; all always focused on deep knowledge of the laws of a country and the set of rules that build a national state.

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The Agronomy or Agricultural Engineering is the race that way professionals in this area. Therefore, an Agronomist is the professional in charge of the management of sustainable natural resources .

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The animators are professionals who develop a message or idea through visual language, using different techniques and tool s that relate to art, new technologies, communication, design and computer science .

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The Audit career is based on learning tools and capabilities to manage the accounting of a company. It involves knowing the different organizations from a social perspective, recognizing the sources that allow their regulation and resolving financial situations in an ethical and legal manner.

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The career of biochemistry is focused on the experimental field. It studies the processes and mechanisms of the beings, as well as the structures and the origin of the diseases but seen from a molecular approach. It identifies the active components of medicines and performs the application of new technologies to identify diseases.

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The career of Computing prepares professionals in the area of ​​computer science with a base in the latest technologies and mathematics. Its objective is to take greater advantage of information in companies to improve decision making through operational resources such as computer equipment.

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Construction is a professional group that covers multiple levels of work. For example, construction matters include the carpenter , but also the contractor and the structural consultant. People in the construction business come together from all directions to realize a construction project. Some functions are needed to plan, control, calculate or draw the work. Others carry out the work by bricklaying, carpentry or installing equipment. Everything so that eventually a solid, functional building will be built.

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Editorial Design

Since time immemorial the written word has been put on paper with a format that gave it character and essence. Over the centuries and the invention of the printing press, editorial design emerged: the art of making books. There are books of all kinds and all kinds, aimed at the most diverse audiences.

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The study of Economics focuses on the growth and development of wealth management from a country to a company. The Economics degree is oriented to the management and administration of actions related to the production and consumption of wealth

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The Finance career provides tools to use the available economic resources with responsibility and commitment. Money management is a fundamental step to maintain and adapt to changes in the global economy and to be active in markets.

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Foreign Trade

All commercial transactions that take place between countries or between regions enter the universe of foreign trade. It's not only about evaluating purely economic aspects, but also about building, step by step, the process by which countries do business and exchange goods and services.

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The Hospitality study allows to learn skills and methods to improve the quality of the service, taking into account the different cultures of tourists. The career offers the opportunity to work in other countries, to know habits and traditions of society, to perfect the languages ​​and to achieve the advantages generated by multitasking people.

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The Logistics professional is trained to manage the internal and external areas of a company, control the delivery times of products, ensure that the corresponding stock exists and adjust the available resources to meet the established deadlines regarding distribution.

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The Marketing study seeks to develop processes that involve marketing products or services of a company and the graduate has the mission of knowing the market, in order to meet the needs of potential customers. Its activity is essential for the business to last over time, adapting to changes and new consumer expectations.

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Mechanical Engineering

The career of Mechanical Engineering trains trained professionals to apply technology to the design of various objects, working on themselves, in the operation of each one. Mechanical Engineering professionals are responsible for using the elements of physics and apply them to what is related to mechanical systems, both in its outline, as well as in its operating processes and future arrangements.

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Media Planning

To be a professional of the Media Planning, you must learn, throughout the race, various knowledge to be prepared at the precise moment in which you must put into practice the specific fact of planning a client's campaign. Among other things to start, for example, you should know which is the product to be advertised, to which audience it's directed and which are usually its usual buyers.

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The career of Medicine provides the knowledge to diagnose and treat patients, prevent diseases, administer pharmacological resources and be trained for scientific and technological changes. At first the doctor is prepared to solve general health problems and then can specialize in a particular area.

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Sale & Commerce

The Sales & Commerce profession focuses on selling goods and services. This can be done at multiple levels, from the market stall to the company takeover, as long as something is sold. Professions in this profession can't only focus on sales, but also be responsible for processing and analyzing sales data, so that sales can be arranged in more efficient ways. The ultimate goal for everyone in this profession is to sell as much and as expensive as possible.

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Special Education

The career of Special Education has the objective of preparing the graduates to deal with people who demand more attention in the learning process. Through specialized techniques, the professional shows greater sensitivity in contact with their students, has knowledge to assess and recognize disabilities and equates conditions in an equal manner.

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Therapeutic Companion

A therapeutic companion is the person who helps a patient who suffers from any type of illness or disability. Therefore, it's a human support that works together with other specialists, permanently accompanying the affected in their treatments or in the development of a specific therapy. In this way, the therapeutic companions must attend mainly to the patient, although in some occasions they must be prepared to also support their family.

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The transfer of knowledge and skills is central to the Education & Training profession. People in this professional group pass on their own knowledge to others in order to achieve a certain end goal, which depends on the position. Providing training is more focused on learning certain skills, and training is mainly found in business. To be able to work in this profession, knowledge about interaction with people and persuasion is needed.

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The study of Veterinary allows to incorporate scientific knowledge related to animal health and the necessary care to improve their quality of life. The graduate develops measures to detect those diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans, being vital for the advancement and growth of public health. The professional has techniques to make the most of the technology in feeding to optimize the profitability of the products that come from the animal world .

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