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general laborer cv work experience
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General Laborer CV Work Experience Sample
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Job Title: "General Laborer"
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Sample CV Work Experience For General Laborer

company company name job title General Laborer
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Work experience: I worked as general laborer for .... years, my core duties were to: [a short direct statement to ensure that employer see total years of experience without calculating]

1) Perform any combination of following tasks to assist in machine shop activities

2) Load unloads materials, parts, or products onto or from pallets, skids, conveyors, or trucks manually or using hoist

3) Deliver metal parts or stock to designated work areas for machining, using electric pallet mover, hoist, or overhead crane

4) Lift metal part or stock onto machine, manually or using hoist, and also secures it on machine table, in chuck, or holding fixture, using wrenches, to assist in setting up machine

5) Feed metal parts or stock into automatic metalworking machines removes machined part from machine after prescribed period of time or at end of machining cycle

6) Adds coolant to reservoirs of machines as well as lubricates machine parts plus ways, using grease gun oilcan

7) Reclaim cutting as well as lubricating oils from machines by pumping oil from machine reservoir into barrel, dumping oil from barrel into centrifugal separator that removes metal chips dirt from oil, and also drains clean oil from separator into containers

8) Remove metal chips shavings from surfaces of machines, using rag or airhose, and also wipes surfaces of machines with rag to remove excess oil

9) Clean around work areas, using broom shovel

10) Separate metal shavings, chips, and also scrap materials from trash places them in bins for resale

11) May remove burrs or excess metal from machined parts, using files, sandpaper, emery cloth, or grinding machine

12) May be designated by specific task performed as Brass Reclaimer machine shop ; Gear Cleaner machine shop ; Oil Extractor machine shop ; Sorter machine shop ; Threading-Machine Feeder, Automatic machine shop Ii; Tool Marker machine shop .

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