Drug Room Clerk Work Experience Certificate

drug room clerk work experience certificate
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Drug Room Clerk Work Experience Certificate Sample
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Job Title: "Drug Room Clerk"
Example Ref#: Work Experience Certificate (#JOB401147)
Categories: Drug, Room, Clerk

Sample Work Experience Certificate For Drug Room Clerk

To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that ...(employee title) ... (employee name) was working at ...(organization name) As Drug Room Clerk from ... (joining date) to ...(last working date).

During this period, his services were found to be satisfactory in carrying out the job duties, his responsibilities were to:

1) Mix dyes chemicals for use in dyeing products, like fabrics, hosiery, and yarns

2) Weigh out quantities of powdered or liquid dyes chemicals, following formula sheet

3) Pour dyes & chemicals into pail or mixing tank turns valve to admit water into tank or pail up to mark on container wall

4) Stir ingredients with paddle injects steam into solution to dissolve dye

5) Dump contents of pail into supply tank or turns valves to transfer dye solution from mixing tank to supply tanks in dye room

6) Inventory dyes and chemicals notifies Dyer, Supervisor knitting; tex

7) prod., nec; textile 582.131-014 as supplies are needed

8) May be designated according to dye mixed as Indigo Mixer textile .

We wish him/her all the best in his future
For ...

...(organization stamp)

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