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Drilling Inspector
(JOB LETTER #930167010)

charts pressure, temperature, and other characteristics of oil gas well boreholes or producing wells, using special subsurface instruments, and interprets findings for use in determining further drilling or producing proce...

Land and leases Supervisor
(JOB LETTER #101187)

directs land and leasing department of petroleum company to secure leases, options, rights-of-way, and special agreements covering land and mineral rights for drilling wells and producing gas oil. studies leases...

Rodding anode Worker
(JOB LETTER #400180)

renews carbon anode assemblies used in electrolytic processing of aluminum by performing any combination of following duties. removes carbon blocks from conveyor, using hoist. feeds steel stubs on conveyor through bath solution to...

Research manufa
(JOB LETTER #401618)

sets up and operates small-scale chemical production equipment under laboratory conditions to test methods and chemical processes for product development, following specifications guidance from research chemists or engineers. s...

Laborer General
(JOB LETTER #405966)

performs any combination of following duties in fabrication of plastic products. removes molds from ovens and places them on table. removes foliage, flower, fruit and other castings from molds. cleans molds returns them t...

Door Repairer Bus
(JOB LETTER #807381010)

repairs damaged bodies and body parts of automotive vehicles, like automobiles, buses, and light trucks according to repair manuals, using handtools power tools. examines damaged vehicles estimates cost of repairs [shop e...

Line service Attendant
(JOB LETTER #912687010)

services aircraft prior to flight according to specifications. fills fuel and oil tanks examines tires for specified air pressure. adds water & other cooling agents as required to batteries liquid-cooled engine radiators. fills...

Room Boss
(JOB LETTER #939137018)

supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in underground, surface, or pit mining in specified section of mine. coordinates activities, like timbering, roof bolting, track-laying, undercutting, drilling, blasting, loading and conv...

Drafter Heating And Ventilating
(JOB LETTER #100182)

draws plans for installation of heating, air-conditioning, and ventilating equipment, performing duties of drafter profess. kin. master title. may calculate heat loss and heat gain for buildings for use in det...

Lead Worker Wafer Production
(JOB LETTER #402428)

assists supervisor in coordinating activities of workers engaged in abrading, cleaning, etching, heattreating, testing, inspecting, sawing, and other processes in manufacturing semiconductor wafers, utilizing knowledg...

Rosin barrel Filler
(JOB LETTER #920687150)

fills barrels with rosin. places pipe through opening in barrel head to direct flow of rosin. hammers hoops down on barrel to tighten staves. seals leaks in barrels, u...

Line Supervisor
(JOB LETTER #402952)

supervises workers engaged in layout machine operating to fabricate structural, wire, or sheet metal products, applying knowledge of layout, product design, machine functions, capacities, and output potential. requisitions materia...

Testing Specialist
(JOB LETTER #17302901)

being honest and ethical, being careful about detail and thorough in completing work tasks, being reliable, responsible, and dependable, and fulfilling obligations, analyzing information and using logic to address work-related issue...

(JOB LETTER #806684054)

laminates layers of fiberglass on molds to form boat decks hulls, or fiberglass bodies of golf carts. selects precut fiberglass mat, cloth and woodbracing materials, according to model number of boat or golf cart. places layers of mat & clo...

Linen Checker
(JOB LETTER #200159)

stores, inventories, and issues or distributes bed and table linen uniforms in establishments, like hotels, hospitals, and clinics. collects or receives and segregates, counts and records number of items of soiled line...

Rig Operator
(JOB LETTER #930382030)

controls power hoisting equipment to pull casing, tubing, and pumping rods from oil and gas wells for repair to lower repaired equipment, testing devices, and servicing tools into well. attaches cable clamp to top of pump...

Recovery operator Helper
(JOB LETTER #400148)

assists recovery operator smelt. and refin. in operating kiln, ball mill, and conveyor system to recover soluble soda alumina from waste materials. moves controls to adjust feeds to rotary kiln and ball mill t...

Laborer Mixing Plant
(JOB LETTER #402045)

performs any combination of following duties in concrete mixing plant. verifies amount of aggregate in storage bins by visual inspection and turns swivel head to direct aggregate into specified bin. tends electrically powered con...

Drug room Clerk
(JOB LETTER #401147)

mixes dyes chemicals for use in dyeing products, like fabrics, hosiery, and yarns. weighs out quantities of powdered or liquid dyes chemicals, following formula sheet. pours dyes & chemicals into pail or mixing tank turns valve to...

Drawing release Clerk
(JOB LETTER #101533)

compiles and maintains control records and related files to release blueprints, drawings, and engineering documents to manufacturing other operating departments. examines documents, like blueprints, drawings, change...

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