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Aeronautics commission director
(work experience letter #2649)

Directs activities of state commission or department of aeronautics. authorizes airport construction and expansion and inspection of state aircraft facilities and regulation of aviation activities under state control...

Lumber sorter
(work experience letter #21949)

Sorts lumber or veneer according to grade markings size. removes boards from sorting table, handtruck, or conveyor stacks in piles or places boards in rack or on conveyor, according to grade marking, length, or use of boards. gauges leng...

Assembler truck trailer
(work experience letter #19672)

Assembles prefabricated parts to build metal wood truck trailers, following blueprints, performing any combination of following tasks. lays out, fits, drills, screws, bolts and rivets together metal sheeting, upright frames, b...

Assistant medical
(work experience letter #23227)

Greet triage patients; performs vitals signs. escorts patients to exam rooms oversees clinic flow. communicates to patients providers on delays. monitors clinic room flow: ensures that attending nursing staff are informed on patient...

Tire technician
(work experience letter #17754)

Tests experimental sample production tires to define strength, wearability, and cause of failure. inflates tire on test machine and adjusts controls to simulate road conditions, like speed, weight-mileage check and roadbed. oper...

Tester regulator
(work experience letter #15715)

Tests inspects compressed air or oxygen regulators to detect air leaks. clamps regulator unit into vise on stage above water tank attaches compressed airhose to intake ports of regulator. varies pressure of air flowing into regulator,...

(work experience letter #537)

Conducts research on toxic effects of cosmetic products ingredients on laboratory animals for manufacturer of cosmetics. applies cosmetic ingredient or cosmetic being developed to exposed shaved skin area of test animal and observes exam...

Lumber sticker
(work experience letter #21948)

Stacks lumber on kiln cars, in yard, or in shed to dry or store, performing any combination of following tasks. places lumber piece by piece in layers, leaving space between edges of adjacent pieces. places sticks between layers as stac...

Tilting head band sawyer
(work experience letter #13249)

Operates bandsaw to saw curved or irregular designs on woodstock or to saw thick wooden pieces to size. turns handwheels to adjust machine bed and set tension on blade between drive idler wheels of bandsaw. turns knobs to adj...

Table attendant cafeteria
(work experience letter #4370)

Carries trays from food counters to tables for cafeteria patrons. carries dirty dishes to kitchen. wipes tables seats with dampened cloth. sets tables with clean linens, sugar bowls, and condiments. may wrap clean silver...

Turner and former automatic
(work experience letter #10737)

Feeds or off bears machine that turns, shapes, and presses gloves. dumps box of gloves into bin over machine. pulls each glove over turner tubes to feed machine. removes turned, shaped formed , and pressed glove...

Telegraph service clerk
(work experience letter #3734)

Compiles maintains statistical records relating to telegraph services, performing any combination of following duties. answers telephone requests from private wire or tie-line patrons regarding handling of messages repair servi...

Layer out
(work experience letter #203)

Draws rough layout and sketches, and assigns work to directs subordinate drafting workers. sketches layout according to design proposal and standard specifications practices. assigns drafting of detail drawings to subordinate pe...

Aircraft inspection record clerk
(work experience letter #3770)

Keeps records of usage and time intervals between inspection maintenance of designated airplane parts. compiles data from flight schedules and computes & posts amount of time airplanes individual parts are in u...

(work experience letter #22052)

Throws switches couples, or attaches to cable, cars being hauled by locomotive or hoisted by cable or chain in mines, quarries, or industrial plants. uncouples loaded cars at their destination or uncouples distributes empty cars to sidings or t...

Autoclave operator
(work experience letter #11416)

Tends autoclave that sterilizes drug products, containers, supplies, instruments, and equipment. places articles in autoclave manually or by use of electric hoist. secures door or lid, turns dials to adjust temperature pressure...

Lawn service worker
(work experience letter #5810)

Cultivates lawns, using power aerator and thatcher chemicals according to specifications. lifts dead leaves and grass from between growing grass soil, using thatcher. pierces soil to make holes for fertilizer water, using a...

Traveling clerk
(work experience letter #3634)

Plans trips for members of automobile club. confers with member in person or by telephone to answer questions explain services. marks suitable roads & possible detours on road map, showing route from point of origin to destination retu...

Tool programmer
(work experience letter #200)

Plans numerical control program to control contour-path machining of metal parts on automatic machine tools. analyzes drawings, sketches and design data of part to define dimension and configuration of cuts, selection of cutting too...

(work experience letter #16055)

Supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in assembling, testing, adjusting, and calibrating scales, balances, and dynamometers. may dismantle test scale components to define cause of defects. performs other tas...

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