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Nurse Assistant CV Resumes

Nurse Assistant CV Resumes
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Cleaner Assistant CV Resume

Cleaner Assistant CV Resume Template

Assists dry cleaner laundry rel. to dryclean or wet-clean garments, drapes, and other articles. starts drycleaning machines and adds filter powder activated carbon to prepare machines for work. loads & unloads drycleaning washing machines, extractor and tumbler. moves articles to from machines, using handtruck. scrubs articles, like shirts and raincoats which require more vigorous action than obtained...

Nurse Licensed Practical CV Resume

Nurse Licensed Practical CV Resume Template

Provides prescribed medical treatment and personal care services to ill, injured, convalescent, and handicapped persons in such settings as hospitals, clinics, private homes, schools, sanitariums, similar institutions. takes records patients vital signs. dresses wounds, gives enemas, douches, alcohol rubs and massages. applies compresses, ice bags, and hot water bottles. observes patients report...

Assistant Producer CV Resume

Assistant Producer CV Resume Template

Directs activities of one or more departments of studio. may direct preparation of daily production schedules operating cos...

Acute Care Nurse CV Resume

Acute Care Nurse CV Resume Template

Being honest and ethical, being careful about detail and thorough in completing work tasks, accepting criticism and dealing calmly and effectively with high stress situations, being sensitive to others needs and feelings and being understanding and helpful on the job, being open to change...

Assistant Chief Train Dispatcher CV Resume

Assistant Chief Train Dispatcher CV Resume Template

Assigns locomotives, cabooses, and crews to trains to obtain most efficient use of equipment personnel within assigned railroad territory. determines number of locomotives to be allocated to trains based on type of freight and number destinations of freight cars to be moved. assigns locomotives & cabooses to trains and schedules departure and movement of trains on specific tracks sidings according to...

Assistant Legal CV Resume

Assistant Legal CV Resume Template

Frequent travel for trial preparation trial. trial preparation to include copying, document review, document organization, bates stamping, legal research searching documents in concordance/relativity/summation. during trial, load documents to run sanction presentations. conducting legal research analysis. preparation of various legal documents, reports correspondence technical research documents. digest index legal documents. assis...

Head Nurse CV Resume

Head Nurse CV Resume Template

Supervises coordinates nursing activities in hospital unit. assigns duties coordinates nursing service. evaluates nursing activities to make sure patient care, staff relations and efficiency of service. observes nursing care visits patients to make sure that nursing care is carried out as directed, and treatment administered in accordance with physicians instructions. directs preparation maintenance of patients clinica...

Culture Media Laboratory Assistant CV Resume

Culture Media Laboratory Assistant CV Resume Template

Prepares culture media used to develop vaccines toxoids or to conduct chemical, microscopic, and bacteriologic tests. measures weighs ingredients, like food source, chemicals, preservatives and vitamins, to prepare growth medium, using scales, graduated flasks, syringes, pipettes and standard formulas. adjusts controls of equipment, like pumps, filters, steam kettles and autoclaves, to obtain...

Vector Control Assistant CV Resume

Vector Control Assistant CV Resume Template

Assists public health staff in activities concerned with identification, prevention, and control of vectors disease-carrying insects rodents br carries and sets up field equipment to be used in surveys of number type of vectors in area. sets traps & cuts through brush weeds to obtain specimens of vector population for use in laboratory tests, using sweep. prepares, mounts, and stores specimens, following instr...

Practical Nurse CV Resume

Practical Nurse CV Resume Template

Cares for patients children in private homes, hospitals, sanatoriums, industrial plants, and similar institutions. bathes and dresses bed patients, combs hair and otherwise attends to their comfort personal appearance. cleans room and changes bed linen. takes records temperature, pulse, and respiration rate. gives medication as directed by physician or nurse, general duty 075. 364-010, and makes no...

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