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Landscape Drafter Resume Sample

Landscape Drafter Resume Template
prepares detailed scale drawings and tracings from rough sketches or other data provided by landscape architect profess. and kin. , performing duties described under drafter profess. kin. master title. may prepare sep...
CV / Resume Objective: Continue working - resuming my career - as landscape drafter in an environment where I can express my experience.

Landscape Drafter » Resume Template & CV Example (#JOB100006)

Drafter Heating And Ventilating Resume Sample

draws plans for installation of heating, air-conditioning, and ventilating equipment, performing duties of drafter profess. kin. master title. may calculate heat loss and heat gain for buildings for use in det...

Drafter Heating And Ventilating » Resume Template & CV Example (#JOB100182)

Drafter Castings Resume Sample

drafts detailed drawings for castings which require special knowledge and attention to shrinkage allowances and such factors as minimum radii of fillets rounds. performs other duties as described under drafter profess. kin....

Drafter Castings » Resume Template & CV Example (#JOB100086)

Structural Drafter Resume Sample

performs duties of drafter profess. and kin. master title by drawing plans details for structures employing structural reinforcing steel, concrete, masonry, wood, and other structural materials. produces plans and d...

Structural Drafter » Resume Template & CV Example (#JOB100067)

Drafter Geophysical Resume Sample

draws subsurface contours in rock formations from data obtained by geophysical prospecting party. plots maps and diagrams from computations based on recordings of seismograph, gravity meter, magnetometer and other petroleum prosp...

Drafter Geophysical » Resume Template & CV Example (#JOB100114)

Drafter Construction Resume Sample

drafts detailed construction drawings, topographical profiles, and related maps and specifications used in planning and construction of civil engineering projects, like highways, river harbor improvements, flood contr...

Drafter Construction » Resume Template & CV Example (#JOB100066)

Detail And Lay out Drafter Resume Sample

draws up specifications instructions for installation of voltage transformers, overhead or underground cables, and related electrical equipment used to conduct electrical energy from transmission lines or high-voltage d...

Detail And Lay out Drafter » Resume Template & CV Example (#JOB100218)

Chief Drafter Resume Sample

draws rough layout and sketches, and assigns work to directs subordinate drafting workers. sketches layout according to design proposal and standard specifications practices. assigns drafting of detail drawings to subordinat...

Chief Drafter » Resume Template & CV Example (#JOB100085)

Landscape Laborer Resume Sample

moves soil, equipment, and materials, digs holes, and performs related duties to assist landscape gardener 408. 161-010 in landscaping grounds. digs holes for plants and trees, using pick shovel. mixes fertilizer or lim...

Landscape Laborer » Resume Template & CV Example (#JOB201148)

Automotive Design Drafter Resume Sample

designs and drafts working layouts and master drawings of automotive vehicle components, assemblies, and systems from specifications, sketches, models, prototype or verbal instructions, applying knowledge of auto...

Automotive Design Drafter » Resume Template & CV Example (#JOB100183)

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