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Testing and regulating Technician
(JOB LETTER #822261026)

tests and adjusts telegraph repeaters terminal apparatus to maintain continuity of service. operates test board switchboard composed of testing equipment and other testing devices to trace & diagnose wiring...

Local Superintendent
(JOB LETTER #952137018)

supervises and coordinates activities of workers located in small communities or rural areas, and engaged in installing, removing, or repairing electric meters service lines, repairing overhead distribution system, rea...

Tank house operator Helper
(JOB LETTER #400150)

assists tank-house operator smelt. refin. in setting up electrolytic copper-refining tanks by performing any combination of following duties. cuts, strips and trims copper sheets from starting blanks, using knife, pince...

Assembler Small Products
(JOB LETTER #404771)

performs any combination of following repetitive tasks on assembly line to mass produce small products, like ball bearings, automobile door locking units, speedometers, condensers, distributors, ignition coils, drafting table...

Automatic Maintainer
(JOB LETTER #822261026)

tests and adjusts telegraph repeaters terminal apparatus to maintain continuity of service. operates test board switchboard composed of testing equipment and other testing devices to trace & diagnose wiring and ci...

Assembler Precision mechanical
(JOB LETTER #404986)

assembles and adjusts photographic apparatus, like motion picture cameras, projectors, film developing machines, and microfilm equipment, according to blueprint specifications, using handtools portable power...

Automatic equipment Technician
(JOB LETTER #822281010)

analyzes problems and repairs manual and automatic telegraphic transmitting receiving apparatus, like teletypewriters, facsimile-recording devices, and switching equipment. tests and adjusts equipment, usin...

Laboratory Tester
(JOB LETTER #100281)

tests and analyzes samples of crude oil and petroleum products during processing stages, using laboratory apparatus, testing equipment, and following standard test procedures to define physical and chemical properties en...

Automat Watcher
(JOB LETTER #404186)

tends machine that automatically embroiders designs on fabric. threads roll of perforated cardboard that controls stitching operation through guide rollers attaches end to automatic control mechanism or inserts punched cards in machine...

Audiovisual Program Productions Sales Representative
(JOB LETTER #200376)

contacts prospective customers to sell service of producing s or recordings designed to inform specific audiences about goods, services, or procedures, performing duties as described under sales rep...

Tree fruit and nut Crops Farmer
(JOB LETTER #201094)

plants and cultivates trees, like apple, orange, and walnut, and harvests fruit and nut crops, applying knowledge of horticulture market conditions. determines varieties quantities of trees to be grown...

Tile Sorter
(JOB LETTER #401919)

sorts glazed tile according to color shades defects. picks up tile from tray, compares it against color shades on color sample board and sorts it according to shade variations. examines tile for defects, like cracks, spots, warping and ad...

Tight Barrel Inspector
(JOB LETTER #406096)

examines heads and staves of tight barrels or kegs, containing water compressed air, to define if they are liquid tight. rolls tumbles barrel to spread water over interior of barrel. examines barrel for faulty stave joint...

Tube Assembler Electron
(JOB LETTER #405228)

performs any combination of following tasks to fabricate parts assemble custom or production electron tubes. reads work orders, receives verbal instructions and follows drawings and sample assemblies to fabricate assemble par...

Armature Tester
(JOB LETTER #405215)

tests armatures field assemblies for motors to locate short, open, or grounded circuits, using electrical test apparatus that shows defects on panel meters or oscillograph patterns. places armature in fixture equipped with brush contac...

(JOB LETTER #403284)

repairs and maintains, in accordance with diagrams, sketches, operation manuals, and manufacturers specifications, machinery and mechanical equipment, like engines, motors, pneumatic tools, conveyor systems, and production machi...

Tonsorial Artist
(JOB LETTER #200670)

provides customers with barbering services. cuts, shapes, trims and tapers hair, using clippers, comb, blow-out gun and scissors. applies lather & shaves beard or shapes hair contour outline on temple neck, using razor. performs o...

Tower dragline Operator
(JOB LETTER #850683042)

operates power machinery to activate dragline bucket slung between portable towers or to excavate load sand, gravel, earth, or similar material into trucks or onto conveyors. moves hand and foot levers to raise & lower bucket,...

Air motor Repairer
(JOB LETTER #403196)

repairs pneumatic tools air motors, like pneumatic hammers, chisels, and reamers, using mechanics tools. starts motor or tool listens to sound to locate cause of trouble. disassembles motor repairs or replaces defective gears,...

Tipple Supervisor
(JOB LETTER #401063)

supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in crushing, sizing, cleaning, treating, or loading coal, stone, or other minerals at tipple or preparation plant. receives daily reports of quantity grade of materials to be loade...

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