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Laborer Cook House »
(RESUME #401251)

performs any combination of following duties to process stock animal skins, splits, fleshings, and trimmings for use in making glue or gelatin. moves stock to kettle upon signal from cook , using handtruck and dumps stock...

Truck Supervisor »
(RESUME #909137018)

supervises and coordinates workers engaged in loading and transporting machinery and industrial equipment, like construction machinery, or field drilling & pumping equipment, tanks, vessels, compressors & pumps for chemical pl...

Atmospheric drier Tender »
(RESUME #401296)

tends cabinet or room-type driers that heat liquids or slurries to remove water or other volatile liquid components. shovels or dumps materials into pans places them on drier shelves, in racks, or on wheeled trucks that are pu...

Tank Builder »
(RESUME #801361022)

erects metal tanks used to store crude oil at oil fields, utilizing knowledge of overall construction techniques using handtools. directs helpers in grading area for tank base. verifies grade, using spirit level. bolts tank sections toget...

Laster »
(RESUME #405937)

attaches uppers of fabric top footwear to insoles. holds last on which upper insole are premounted to rollers of machine. inserts projecting margin of upper fabric between folding rollers presses workpiece upward against flattening roller. turn...

Translation Director »
(RESUME #100739)

directs and coordinates activities of interpreters profess. and kin. and translators profess. kin. engaged in translating spoken passages, documents, and other material from one language to another for busines...

Lounge car Attendant »
(RESUME #200492)

sells beverages, cakes, candies, cigarettes, and sandwiches to passengers in railroad passenger coaches. walks down aisle of car, with basket or cart containing items for sale and calls out offerings. serves items to passeng...

Lasting machine Operator Hand Method »
(RESUME #406664)

tacks counters lining to shoe insole. removes last from rack positions it on spindle of machine. tightens smooths lining, counter and upper on left side of shoe, using hand pincers. removes last from s...

Audiovisual Production Specialist »
(RESUME #100797)

plans and produces audio, visual, and audiovisual material for communication learning. develops production ideas based on assignment or generates own ideas based on objectives personal interest. conducts r...

Agricultural Agent »
(RESUME #100614)

organizes and conducts cooperative extension program to advise and instruct farmers individuals engaged in agri-business in applications of agricultural research findings. collects, analyzes and evaluates agricultural data...

Tool Profiling machine Set up Operator »
(RESUME #402666)

sets up operates various types of tracer-controlled profile milling machines to mill duplicates of template or model contour on metal workpieces, like cams, metalworking dies, aircraft parts, and automobile...

Laborer General »
(RESUME #401698)

performs any combination of following tasks involved in production of paints varnishes. dumps calcined metallic pigments into hopper of automatic grinder to reduce pigments to powdered form. spreads layers of cinders & black ash over s...

Laborer Concrete mixing Plant »
(RESUME #402045)

performs any combination of following duties in concrete mixing plant. verifies amount of aggregate in storage bins by visual inspection and turns swivel head to direct aggregate into specified bin. tends electrically po...

Tower Supervisor »
(RESUME #401053)

supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in operation of stills and related units, like absorbers, debutanizers, catalyst hoppers, reboilers, heat and vapor exchangers, desalters, clay towers, stabilizers, furn...

Truck Driver Sales Route »
(RESUME #200497)

drives truck or automobile over established route to deliver sell products or render services, collects money from customers, and makes change. drives truck to deliver such items as beer, soft drinks, bakery products, dry...

Lead Refinery Supervisor »
(RESUME #400129)

supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in refining lead, casting it into ingots, and preparing ingots for shipment. performs duties as described under supervisor any industry mas...

Tempering kiln Tender »
(RESUME #300048)

assists heat treater i or heat treater ii in annealing, hardening, or tempering metal objects by performing any combination of the following duties. cleans foreign matter, like scale, rust, or grease, from metal objects, us...

Night clerk Auditor »
(RESUME #101608)

verifies and balances entries records of financial transactions reported by various hotel departments during day, using adding, bookkeeping, and calculating machines. may perform duties of hotel clerk hotel rest. 238...

Automatic silk screen Printer »
(RESUME #403478)

operates automatic screen-printing machine to print multicolor designs on s. mounts screens in specified sequence on machine. pours printing paste onto screens or fills automatic feed pan. turns knob to set machine speed...

Table Inspector »
(RESUME #404135)

classifies cloth into grades according to number of defects. examines cloth for defects marked in previous inspection determines whether corrections can be made to restore cloth to standard quality. cuts defects from cloth with scissor...

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