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Accounts Payable Clerk CV Resumes

Find related accounts payable clerk cv resumes examples, sample career templates that will help you with creating and writing resumes for accounts payable clerk using a simple format.

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Accounts payable clerk
Sample accounts payable clerk (cv resume #25983) template
Accounts Payable Clerk CV Resume Template
Review invoices for appropriate documentation approval prior to payment. answer vendor inquiries. ensure invoices are coded to the proper cost center. resolve cost and quantity discrepancies with suppliers internal depart...
Meat clerk
Sample meat clerk (cv resume #3556) template
Receives, stores, and grinds meats in retail establishment. unloads fresh, cured and boxed meats and poultry from delivery truck & transports them to storage room on conveyor with handtruck. counts & weighs incoming articles compares...
Clerk of scales
Sample clerk of scales (cv resume #1765) template
Weighs jockeys amuse. and rec. and riding equipment before after each race to make sure that assigned handicapped weights have been carried during race. weighs rider saddle on scale to assure that weight is as specified on...
Blood bank calendar control clerk
Sample blood bank calendar control clerk (cv resume #3990) template
Schedules dates for mobile blood collection units to visit blood-donor groups for nonprofit blood bank. determines available date to schedule mobile blood collection units to visit blood-donor group, like business or...
Clerk personal service bureau
Sample clerk personal service bureau (cv resume #3736) template
Compiles maintains statistical records relating to telegraph services, performing any combination of following duties. answers telephone requests from private wire or tie-line patrons regarding handling of messages repair...
Space and storage clerk
Sample space and storage clerk (cv resume #3437) template
Keeps records of weights and amounts of ammunition components stored in magazines storage areas of arsenal. posts ledger showing gross weights amounts of each type of ammunition on hand according to information contain...
Night clerk auditor
Sample night clerk auditor (cv resume #3333) template
Verifies and balances entries records of financial transactions reported by various hotel departments during day, using adding, bookkeeping, and calculating machines. may perform duties of hotel clerk hotel rest. 238...
Purchasing and fiscal clerk
Sample purchasing and fiscal clerk (cv resume #4398) template
Compiles information records to prepare purchase orders for procurement of material for industrial firm, governmental agency, or other establishment. verifies nomenclature specifications of purchase requests. searches inven...
Yield clerk
Sample yield clerk (cv resume #3473) template
Performs any combination of following duties to extract statistical data from charts taken from flowmeters and other measuring recording devices used on pipelines. calculates volume of natural gas, manufactured gas and petroleum ha...
Freight clerk
Sample freight clerk (cv resume #4013) template
Plans and coordinates loading and unloading of ships cargo prepares reports on type, amount, and condition of cargo to protect company from claims for damage or shortage. examines cargo lists to define types of cargo that ca...
Distribution clerk
(CV Resume #3317)
Sorts processes mail in post office. sorts incoming or outgoing mail into mail rack pigeonholes or into mail sacks according to destination. may feed letters into electric canceling machine or hand-stamp mail with rubber stamp to ca...
Traffic clerk
(CV Resume #3701)
Records incoming outgoing freight data, like destination, weight, route-initiating department, and charges. ensures accuracy of rate charges by comparing classification of materials with rate chart. may keep file of claims for overc...
Audit clerks supervisor
(CV Resume #3323)
Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in examining bookkeeping accounting entries of other workers or computer-rejected items, computing to reconcile errors, and recording corrections. performs du...
Transformer stock clerk
(CV Resume #3554)
Receives, stores, and issues transformers used in electric power system. moves new transformers to storage space, using hoist. drains oil from used transformers. starts motor-driven pump which forces used oil through filte...
Award clerk
(CV Resume #4394)
Compiles information records to prepare purchase orders for procurement of material for industrial firm, governmental agency, or other establishment. verifies nomenclature specifications of purchase requests. searches inventory records or...
Weight clerk
(CV Resume #3815)
Performs any combination of following duties to tally products or raw materials, like field crops, fish, livestock, typewriter and watch parts, and steel ingots, received from suppliers or by from workers, for payroll, payment...
Intelligence clerk
(CV Resume #4416)
Collects organizes intelligence information from various established sources for production of intelligence documents. reviews data to ascertain accuracy of data reliability of sources. compiles intelligence information disseminates...
Food sales clerk
(CV Resume #4606)
Obtains or prepares food items requested by customers in retail food store, totals customer bill, receives payment, and makes change. fills customer order, performing duties like obtaining items from shelves, freezers, coolers, b...
Flight crew time clerk
(CV Resume #3389)
Compiles flight time record of flight officers for payroll and crew-scheduling departments to make sure accuracy of payroll legality of flights. posts data, like time in flight, type of aircraft, mileage flown and weight...
Mutuel clerk
(CV Resume #3360)
Sells parimutuel tickets to patrons at racetrack. reads entry sheets to ascertain entry number of specific horses in designated race depresses corresponding numbered key of ticket-dispensing machine that automatically ejects ticket reques...

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