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Delivery Services Driver
(JOB LETTER #53303300)

being honest and ethical, being reliable, responsible, and dependable, and fulfilling obligations, developing ones own ways of doing things, guiding oneself with little or no supervision, and depending on oneself to get things...

Drum reel Cutter
(JOB LETTER #404252)

operates machine to wind plastic material onto reel cut wound material into lengths for use in making articles, like curtains, draperies, and table covers. positions roll of plastic material on machine brackets, threads end of ma...

Dog Groomer
(JOB LETTER #201225)

combs, clips, trims, and shapes dogs coats to groom dogs, using knowledge of canine characteristics and grooming techniques styles. reads written or receives oral instructions to define clipping pattern desired. places dog on g...

Laboratory Tester
(JOB LETTER #404134)

tests fibers yarn at any stage in yarn-manufacturing process to define conformance to standards. collects samples from machines, gathers samples from carts, or receives samples at work station. records information regarding samples...

Dumper bulk System
(JOB LETTER #921686014)

feeds off bears conveyor or conveyor system performing any of following tasks. picks up materials or products from pallet, handtruck, or dolly and places materials or products onto conveyor, or opens bins or chutes to dump bulk mat...

Rotary Driller
(JOB LETTER #930382026)

operates gasoline, diesel, electric, or steam draw works to drill oil or gas wells. observes pressure gauge and moves throttles levers to control speed of rotary table which rotates string of tools in borehole and to regulate pressure...

Drywall And Ceiling Tile Installer
(JOB LETTER #47208100)

being reliable, responsible, and dependable, and fulfilling obligations, being careful about detail and thorough in completing work tasks, a willingness to lead, take charge, and offer opinions and direction, a willi...

Laborer Airport Maintenance
(JOB LETTER #899687014)

maintains and repairs airport facilities grounds by performing any combination of following tasks. operates sweeping machine to clean streets of dust trash [street-sweeper operator government ser. ]. operates power...

Dormitory Supervisor
(JOB LETTER #100368)

provides individual and group guidance services relative to problems of scholastic, al, personal-social nature to dormitory students. suggests remedial or corrective actions and assists students in making better adjustme...

Drafter Castings
(JOB LETTER #100086)

drafts detailed drawings for castings which require special knowledge and attention to shrinkage allowances and such factors as minimum radii of fillets rounds. performs other duties as described under drafter profess. kin....

Loom Control Chain Builder
(JOB LETTER #404006)

assembles pattern chains that control movement of harness frames shuttle boxes during weaving. arranges rolls separator tubes on cross bars of links, according to pattern diagram and connects links, using handtools. may ham...

Dry end Operator
(JOB LETTER #401643)

tends dry end of cellophane casting machine that dries winds continuous sheet of cellophane into rolls. threads film emerging from washing and coating tanks through heated rollers starts sheet onto winding core. turns switch to regul...

Director Housekeeping
(JOB LETTER #101227)

directs institutional housekeeping program to make sure clean, orderly, and attractive conditions of establishment. establishes standards procedures for work of housekeeping staff and plans work schedules for making sure ad...

Log Cooker
(JOB LETTER #401755)

tends steam or hot-water vats that condition logs before cutting into veneer sheets used in making wooden slat baskets boxes. hoists logs into vat or onto conveyor that carries them into cooker. turns valves to maintain steam pressure or wa...

Director Educational Program
(JOB LETTER #100624)

plans, develops, and administers programs to provide al opportunities for students. cooperates with business, civic and other organizations to develop curriculums to meet needs and interests of students community....

Dry mill Operator
(JOB LETTER #401847)

tends series of dry-pans, screens, and conveyors that grind, sift, and convey dry clay to storage tanks. signals overhead crane operator any industry 921. 663-010 to load clay into hoppers of dry-pans. turns valves to fee...

Laboratory Technician
(JOB LETTER #401617)

controls equipment and tends machines to produce variety of pharmaceutical toilet products or ingredients, performing any combination of following duties. weighs and measures out coating ingredients coats medicinal tablet...

Driller Multiple Spindle
(JOB LETTER #403836)

sets up and operates drilling machine, equipped with vertically opposed hollow drills, that drill holes in glass mirrors. reads work ticket to define size, quantity and placement of holes to be drilled. selects specifi...

Rigger Chief
(JOB LETTER #823131014)

supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in wiring and repairing antenna systems for radio communications and radio television broadcasting. performs duties as described under supervisor any industry master title...

Rotary head milling machine Set up Operator
(JOB LETTER #402676)

sets up and operates vertical milling machine with spindle mounted within larger rotary head so that rotating cutter can move anywhere within given circle to mill complex shapes, like arcs tangents, w...

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