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Naval Designer Job Descriptions

Naval Designer Job Descriptions
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Commercial Designer

Commercial Designer Job Description Template

Creates and designs graphic material for use as ornamentation, illustration, advertising, or cosmetic on manufactured materials packaging. receives assignment from customer or supervisor. studies traditional, period and contemporary design styles motifs to obtain perspective. reviews marketing trends and preferences of target related markets. integrates findings with personal interests, knowledge of d...

Cloth Designer

Cloth Designer Job Description Template

Originates designs for fabrication of cloth, specifying weave pattern, color, and gauge of thread, to create new fabrics according to functional requirements fashion preferences of consumers. develops new ideas for fabrics, utilizing knowledge of textiles fashion trends. consults with technical merchandising staff to obtain design ideas and to estimate consumer acceptance of new types of fabrics. sketches designs f...

Theatrical scenic Designer

Theatrical scenic Designer Job Description Template

Designs sets for theatrical productions. confers with plays director regarding interpretation set requirements. conducts research for defining appropriate architectural furnishing styles. integrates requirements, interpretation, research, design concepts, and practical considerations regarding factors, like mobility, interchangeability, and budget to plan sets. renders drawing or illustration of design concept,...

Artillery Or Naval Gunfire Observer

Artillery Or Naval Gunfire Observer Job Description Template

Observes and reports by specified means of communications, enemy and simulated enemy locations to coordinate adjust artillery or naval gunfire during combat or training. selects sites for observation posts. sets up observation & communication instruments equipment. informs infantry, artillery, or naval gunfire ships of enemy activity, location of friendly troops other pertinent intelligence data, using r...

Orthopedic boot and shoe Designer And Maker

Orthopedic boot and shoe Designer And Maker Job Description Template

Fabricates boots and shoes for deformed feet according to prescription patients measurements. studies prescription to define degree of deformity type of correction to be built into shoe. measures foot, using calipers, tape measure, rule and other measuring devices & instruments and applying knowledge of foot anatomy orthopedic shoe-making techniques. discusses boot shoe s...

Display And Banner Designer

Display And Banner Designer Job Description Template

Designs displays, using paper, cloth, plastic, and other material to decorate streets, fairgrounds, buildings, and other places for celebrations, fairs, and special occasions. confers with client regarding budget, theme, materials, colors, emblem styles and related factors. plans display sketches rough design for clients approval. selects stock decorations or directs construction according to design conc...

Solar energy systems Designer

Solar energy systems Designer Job Description Template

Designs solar domestic hot water and space heating systems for new existing structures, applying knowledge of energy requirements of structure, local climatological conditions, solar technology, and thermodynamics. estimates energy requirements of new or existing structures, based on analysis of utility bills of structure, calculations of thermal efficiency of structure and prevailing climatological condi...

Deck And Hull Assembler

Deck And Hull Assembler Job Description Template

Joins deck and hull sections of fiberglass boats, using handtools portable power tools. positions deck on hull seals seam with caulking compound, using caulking gun. lays aluminum gunwale strip along deck & hull seam hammers it into place with mallet. places drilling template along gunwale strip drills rivet holes through strip with portable electric drill. rivets or bolts deck hull together, using rivet gun or impac...

Detective Chief

Detective Chief Job Description Template

Directs coordinates activities of detective squad engaged in investigation of criminal cases, like auto theft, armed robbery, missing persons, homicide, vice, narcotics, fraud, and crimes involving youths. assigns detectives 375. 267-010 to designated posts or criminal cases. reviews submits reports of cases investigated to superiors. ensures that apprehended criminals are fingerprinted. directs photographing of crime scen...

Rate Inserter

Rate Inserter Job Description Template

Calculates amount of premium to be charged for various types of , using rate book, calculator, and adding machine. selects premium rate based on information in case record folder relating to type and amount of policy based on standard risk factors, like use & age of automobile, location value of property, or age of applicant. adds premium rates of basic policy endorsements to compute total annual premium. records rates on abstr...

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