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Hair Stylist Job Descriptions

Hair Stylist Job Descriptions
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Hair Mixer Job Description

Hair Mixer Job Description Template

Selects strands of human hair blends them to match customers hair preparatory to making hair piece. selects strands from stock according to texture, shape, type, color and composition of customers natural hair. arranges combs strands to match variations in natural hair caused by graying, bleaching, or dyeing. weighs ties hair wi...

Chair post machine Operator Job Description

Chair post machine Operator Job Description Template

Sets up operates machine to saw, bore, and round ends of chair posts, rails, and backs. turns handwheel to adjust space between chucks saws. installs cutterheads according to size of stock & angle of cut spaces boring bits according to specified location of holes, using handtools. turns knobs to adjust feed stops. pushes button to start machine. positions material depresses pedal to activate mechanism to saw,...

Hair spinning machine Operator Job Description

Hair spinning machine Operator Job Description Template

Feeds unloads various machines that winnow, shred, fluff, card, spin, or otherwise process animal hair performing any of following duties. opens bales of hair places hair in hopper. forks hair into hopper by hand. hand feeds hair rope stock into machine. unloads bales, mats, rope stock, or other products from machines. cleans machines...

Inspector Hairspring Truing Job Description

Inspector Hairspring Truing Job Description Template

Examines assembled watch hairsprings to define if spring is in same plane and concentric with collet, and that space between collet first inner spring is within acceptable limits, using loupe. separates faulty assemblies for adjustment by hairspring truer clock...

Chronometer balance and hairspring Assembler Job Description

Chronometer balance and hairspring Assembler Job Description Template

Assembles and trues balance and hairspring assemblies used in marine chronometers, using truing ii calipers watchmakers tools. attaches hairspring to collet, using watchmakers tools. positions hairspring & collet assembly in truing calipers bends hairspring to correct deficient truing, using tweezers. attaches stud to hairspring screws balance staff into balance wheel. trues balance wheel, using...

Power Hair Clipper Job Description

Power Hair Clipper Job Description Template

Clips hair from cattle or horse tails, using electric clippers, so that hair falls into container or onto conveyor. throws sheared tail into separate...

Supervisor Hairspring Fabrication Job Description

Supervisor Hairspring Fabrication Job Description Template

Supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in fabricating watch hairsprings. trains workers in performance of tasks. requisitions supplies materials. confers with other supervisory personnel to coordinate interdepartmental workflow. confers with workers representatives to resolve grievances. performs other duties as described under supervisor any industry mas...

Hairspring Studder Job Description

Hairspring Studder Job Description Template

Attaches stud to watch hairspring preparatory to assembly to balance bridge, using studding fixture, loupe, and watchmakers tools. positions stud in recess of studding fixture, using tweezers and broaches hole in stud, using handtool. inserts end of outer hairspring coil into hole and forces tapered brass pin through hole to wedge spring in place, using loupe watchmakers tools. cuts off protruding ends of pin,...

Hairspring Inspector Job Description

Hairspring Inspector Job Description Template

Examines unassembled hairsprings for flatness and concentricity, using tweezers loupe. stretches spring for making sure specified plane spacing between coils, using tweezers. examines spring to detect defects, like blemishes bent or short tongues, using loupe. segregates standard defective springs in boxes for salvage, storage, and shipping. records inspection data for identification...

Hair Preparer Job Description

Hair Preparer Job Description Template

Bleaches, dyes, and blends human hair used in making hair pieces. soaks hair in soap and water to remove foreign matter separates hair into strands. mixes & blends ingredients to make bleaches dyes according to formula. dips strands into bleaching dyeing solutions to obtain desired color. hangs bleached dyed strands on lines to air dry. arranges and combs strands to blend them to specified hue grade. may wash and...

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