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Hair Stylist Job Descriptions

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Hair Stylist Job Descriptions
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Hairspring Vibrator Job Description

Hairspring Vibrator Job Description Template

Locates vibrating point point at which length of spring is like to cause attached balance wheel to oscillate at specified rate on clock and watch hairsprings cuts hairspring at specified point to synchronize oscillation of movements, utilizing one or both of following methods. 1 fastens free end of spring of hairspring assembly in fixture of electronic vibrating device and adjusts bed of device until it touches pivo...

Chair Inspector And Leveler Job Description

Chair Inspector And Leveler Job Description Template

Inspects wooden chairs or stools for defects in construction or finish to make sure conformance with manufacturing standards. places chair, stool, or frame on bench to define if item stands level. slides uneven items over circular saw flush with top of bench to cut excess length from legs. inspects wooden surfaces for defects in finish, like cracks, splits, and protruding splinters, and marks defects with chal...

Hairspring Truing Inspector Job Description

Hairspring Truing Inspector Job Description Template

Examines assembled watch hairsprings to define if spring is in same plane and concentric with collet, and that space between collet first inner spring is within acceptable limits, using loupe. separates faulty assemblies for adjustment by hairspring truer clock...

Haircutter Job Description

Haircutter Job Description Template

Provides customers with barbering services. cuts, shapes, trims and tapers hair, using clippers, comb, blow-out gun and scissors. applies lather & shaves beard or shapes hair contour outline on temple neck, using razor. performs other tonsorial services, like applying hairdressings or lotions, dyeing, shampooing, singeing, or styling hair, and massaging face, neck, or scalp. records service charge on ticket or receives payment....

Dehairing machine Tender Job Description

Dehairing machine Tender Job Description Template

Tends equipment that dehairs slaughtered hogs preparatory to dressing. turns steam and water valves to fill scalding tank with water heat it to specified temperature. starts machine conveyors and releases hogs shackled to overhead rail to drop them into tank by tripping lever on shackle or prying shackle loose with steel bar. pushes hogs through vat and into dehairing machine, using pole, or hooks hogs...

Watch hairspring Assembler Job Description

Watch hairspring Assembler Job Description Template

Assembles, inspects, and adjusts watch hairspring balance assemblies, using watchmakers tools. attaches hairspring to collet and stud [colleter 715. 684-066; studder, hairspring clock and watch 715. 684-186] and assembles parts of hairspring balance, using punch, staking tool, tweezers and other watchmakers tools. overcoils spring [overcoiler 715. 684-150] and trues spring [hairspring...

Hair Clipper Power Job Description

Hair Clipper Power Job Description Template

Clips hair from cattle or horse tails, using electric clippers, so that hair falls into container or onto conveyor. throws sheared tail into separate...

HairspringInspector Job Description

HairspringInspector Job Description Template

Inspects completed hairspring assemblies, using loupe watchmakers tools. verifies that spring and balance wheel are true in flat & round [inspector, balance truing clock and watch ] and that mass of balance wheel is equally distributed around axis of rotation [inspector, poising clock watch ]. examines positioning of parts for defining that parts are in beat and that overcoil is in specified relationship...

Hydraulic chair Assembler Job Description

Hydraulic chair Assembler Job Description Template

Assembles hydraulic chairs, like professional, laboratory, and hospital chairs from prefabricated finished parts. assembles hydraulic-lifting and chair-revolving mechanisms mounts them on base. assembles chair frame to base attaches seat, arm and headrests. inspects adjusts completed unit. rethreads screws, retaps holes, and removes excess paint while assembling, to facilitate work. may be designat...

Hair Worker Job Description

Hair Worker Job Description Template

Combs, sorts, and prepares human or synthetic hair for making wigs, switches, and hair pieces. pulls loose strands of hair across teeth of stationary comb to remove tangles. separates hair strands according to length ties them in groups. washes human hair with soap and water dries it in oven. throws ends of hair against hackle steel-bristled brush and pulls hair through teeth to disentangle straighten strands;...

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