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Hair Job Descriptions

Find related hair job descriptions examples, templates help to write a career job description for hair. try our listed samples.
Hair Job Descriptions

Department Chairperson College Or University
Job Description #1154

Department Chairperson College Or University Job Description Template
Administers affairs of college department, like english, biological sciences, or mathematics department. arranges schedules of classes assigns teaching staff to conduct classes. prepares lists of budgetary other needs. interviews applicants for teaching positions. performs other administrative duties in addition to teaching assignment. may administer departments budget recruit academic personnel. may h...

Wheelchair Repairer
Job Description #12859

Wheelchair Repairer Job Description Template
Repairs medical equipment, like manual or powered wheelchairs, hospital beds, and suction equipment, using knowledge of equipment function handtools. test operates examines malfunctioning equipment to define cause of malfunction. disassembles & inspects equipment to locate defective components, like motors, valves and electrical controls, using test instruments handtools. replaces defective parts, and sol...

Hair boiler Operator
Job Description #10257

Hair boiler Operator Job Description Template
Tends vats that boils animal hair to curl hair. turns valves to admit water and steam into vats to drain water from vats after hair...

Hair and scalp Specialist
Job Description #5248

Hair and scalp Specialist Job Description Template
Gives hair scalp conditioning treatments for hygienic or remedial purposes. massages, shampoos and steams hair and scalp of patron to clean remove excess oil, using liquid soap, rinses and hot towels. applies medication to & massages scalp to increase blood circulation, stimulate glandular activity and promote growth of hair, using hands fingers or vibrating equipment. administers other remedial treatments...

Dog hair Clipper
Job Description #6301

Dog hair Clipper Job Description Template
Combs, clips, trims, and shapes dogs coats to groom dogs, using knowledge of canine characteristics and grooming techniques styles. reads written or receives oral instructions to define clipping pattern desired. places dog on grooming table fits grooming collar on dog to hold animal to table. studies proportions of dog to define most appropriate cutting pattern to achieve desired style. clips dogs hair according to det...

Hair Stylist
Job Description #4850

Hair Stylist Job Description Template
Specializes in dressing hair according to latest style, period, or character portrayal, following instructions of patron, make-up artist amuse. rec. ; motion picture; radio-tv broad. , or script. questions patron or reads instructions of make-up artist amuse. rec. ; motion picture; radio-tv broad. or script to define hairdressing requirements. studies facial features of patron or performing artist arranges, shapes and additiona...

Chair Trimmer
Job Description #18969

Chair Trimmer Job Description Template
Upholsters chairs having no springs. cuts out molds padding material in place on arms, seats, or backs and covers padding with cotton wadding. stretches tacks or staples canvas, burlap, or denim over wadding, leaving opening for further filling. molds packs wadding under cover, using hands or rod to eliminate lumps. closes opening with tacks when packing is completed. stretches precut upholstery covering over covered padding tacks i...

Hairspring Fabrication Supervisor
Job Description #15797

Hairspring Fabrication Supervisor Job Description Template
Supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in fabricating watch hairsprings. trains workers in performance of tasks. requisitions supplies materials. confers with other supervisory personnel to coordinate interdepartmental workflow. confers with workers representatives to resolve grievances. performs other duties as described under supervisor any industry mas...

Hair sample Matcher
Job Description #17202

Hair sample Matcher Job Description Template
Selects strands of human hair blends them to match customers hair preparatory to making hair piece. selects strands from stock according to texture, shape, type, color and composition of customers natural hair. arranges combs strands to match variations in natural hair caused by graying, bleaching, or dyeing. weighs ties hair wi...

Hairspring Vibrator
Job Description #16177

Hairspring Vibrator Job Description Template
Locates vibrating point point at which length of spring is like to cause attached balance wheel to oscillate at specified rate on clock and watch hairsprings cuts hairspring at specified point to synchronize oscillation of movements, utilizing one or both of following methods. 1 fastens free end of spring of hairspring assembly in fixture of electronic vibrating device and adjusts bed of device until it touches pivo...

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