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Site Planner
(JOB LETTER #100003)

plans and designs development of land areas for projects, like parks other recreational facilities, airports, highways, and parkways, hospitals, schools, land subdivisions, and commercial, industrial, and residential...

Patrol Community Service Officer
(JOB LETTER #200904)

patrols city housing projects community parks to prevent crimes, quell disturbances, and maintain civic harmony. travels assigned area on foot or motor scooter to observe civil activity maintain security. confers...

Process Planner
(JOB LETTER #100141)

plans prepares production schedules for manufacture of industrial or commercial products. draws up master schedule to establish sequence lead time of each operation to meet shipping dates according to sales forecasts or customer orders...

Director Community health Nursing
(JOB LETTER #100452)

administers nursing service in community health agency. coordinates and evaluates nursing activities in agency for making sure balanced adequate program and to formulate progressive program designed to meet changing...

Community relations and services Advisor Public Housing
(JOB LETTER #101412)

promotes tenant welfare in low income public housing developments. initiates and maintains liaison between local housing authority & voluntary and public agencies for development manageme...

Data Recovery Planner
(JOB LETTER #100302)

develops, coordinates implementation of, and tests plan to continue establishment data processing activities at off-site location in case of emergency, like fire, at main site. establishes priority of data processing activit...

Environmental Restoration Planner
(JOB LETTER #19204102)

being reliable, responsible, and dependable, and fulfilling obligations, being honest and ethical, being pleasant with others on the job and displaying a good-natured, cooperative attitude, a willingness to take on re...

Community Organization Worker
(JOB LETTER #101411)

plans, organizes, and coordinates programs with agencies groups concerned with social problems of community. promotes coordinates activities of agencies, groups and individuals to meet identified needs. studies & as...

Community services and health education Officer
(JOB LETTER #100558)

plans and directs statewide program of public health education promotes establishment of local health services. directs workers engaged in preparation distribution of health information materials,...

Social And Community Service Manager
(JOB LETTER #11915100)

being honest and ethical, being reliable, responsible, and dependable, and fulfilling obligations, being sensitive to others needs and feelings and being understanding and helpful on the job, being pleasant with ot...

Community health Nursing Educational Director
(JOB LETTER #100453)

plans directs educational program for community health agency. develops educational plans for in-service education orientation of health personnel. confers with supervisors staff to ensure efficiency of pr...

Core composer machine Tender
(JOB LETTER #401803)

tends core composer machine that automatically glues salvaged veneer strips together to form continuous sheet, saws continuous sheet in half, and clips sawn sheets to standard length for use as plywood core stock. pre...

Plug and mold Finisher
(JOB LETTER #806684086)

builds up layers of fiberglass and resin over plug wooden or plaster pattern to form molds for plastic product sections or to be used in casting concrete products, using handtools portable power tools. fills cracks, dep...

Chain Pegger
(JOB LETTER #404006)

assembles pattern chains that control movement of harness frames shuttle boxes during weaving. arranges rolls separator tubes on cross bars of links, according to pattern diagram and connects links, using handtools. may hammer or screw p...

Continuous dryout Operator
(JOB LETTER #300016)

sets up and controls continuous pickling or electrolytic-cleaning line to remove dirt, oil, and scale from coils of brass, copper, or steel strip wire. turns valve to add acid to processing tanks shovels inhibito...

Rate Inserter
(JOB LETTER #200006)

calculates amount of premium to be charged for various types of , using rate book, calculator, and adding machine. selects premium rate based on information in case record folder relating to type and amount of policy based on stand...

Commanding Officer Motor Transport Division
(JOB LETTER #200943)

directs coordinates activities of personnel engaged in repairing, maintaining, and modifying motor vehicles used by municipal or metropolitan police force. plans schedules departmental activities to mai...

Pick up Operator
(JOB LETTER #404174)

inspects greige corduroy or velvet cloth to detect uncut filling floats, and cuts floats, using pickup knife. positions truck of cloth at entry end of examining frame pins end of cloth to leader in machine. depresses pedal to sta...

Polisher Hand
(JOB LETTER #406232)

grinds and polishes stone to smooth or lustrous finish, using portable grinding polishing tool. selects abrasive wheel according to type of stone, finish specified, or step in finishing process and attaches wheel to tool, using w...

Paint roller cover machine Setter
(JOB LETTER #404458)

sets up operates variety of machines used to fabricate paint roller covers. changes and adjusts jigs fixtures, cutters and chucks on machines, like sewing, cutting and reversing machines, using handtools. fills mac...

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