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HR Job Contracts

Christmas tree Grader Job Contract

Christmas tree Grader Job Contract Template
Grades tags trees in sorting yard of christmas tree farm. gauges height of tree, using marked increments on conveyor belt. turns tree, examines limbs & foliage for color growth pattern and determines grade according to standards chart. staples color-coded grade tags to tree limbs, using han...

Thrower Job Contract

Thrower Job Contract Template
Molds plastic clay into such ware as vases, urns, saggers, and pitchers, as clay revolves on potters wheel. positions ball of clay in center of potters wheel starts motor, or pumps treadle with foot to revolve wheel. presses thumbs down into center of revolving clay to form hollow. presses on inside and outside of emerging clay cylinder with hands and fingers, gradually raising and shaping clay to desired form size. constantly...

Christmas tree Farm Worker Job Contract

Christmas tree Farm Worker Job Contract Template
Plants, cultivates, and harvests evergreen trees on christmas-tree farm. removes brush, ferns and other growth from planting area, using mattock brush-hook. plants seedlings, using mattock or dibble [tree planter ]. scatters fertilizer pellets over planted areas by hand. shears tops and limb tips from trees, using machete pruning shears, to control growth, increase limb density, and improve shape. sel...

HR Payroll Administration Specialist Job Contract

HR Payroll Administration Specialist Job Contract Template
Maintains base of payroll clients on all products including taxpay paylink direct deposit btr reporting and check signing and stuffing in order to meet client payroll human resource employee benefit service needs. contacts clients daily according to set schedules in order to obtain payroll data including salary adjustments special payments tax allocations employee deductions or adjustments. keys all pay...

HR Compensation Benefits And Job Analysis Specialist Job Contract

HR Compensation Benefits And Job Analysis Specialist Job Contract Template
Being honest and ethical, analyzing information and using logic to address work-related issues and problems, being careful about detail and thorough in completing work tasks, being reliable, responsible, and dependable, and fulfilling obligations, being open to change positive or negative...

HR Officer Job Contract

HR Officer Job Contract Template
Assist the hr manager in personnel administration, implementation of organization hr policies their follow-up, staffing issues or industrial relations. propose action plans participate in their deployment. collect information & responsible for preparing reports in line with organization hr policies for month-end figures follow up indicators. ensure that the organization complies with labor laws. maintain employee files answer employee q...

Shredder Tender Peat Job Contract

Shredder Tender Peat Job Contract Template
Tends equipment that grinds bags peat moss. dumps peat moss into shredder that removes foreign matter, using tractor. observes graph on gas furnace that dries peat moss adjusts thermostat to maintain specified temperature. inspects equipment to detect jams and mechanical breakdowns in equipment which cools grinds peat moss. observes feels ground peat moss to define its consistency. stops equipment to clear jams make min...

Thread Winder Automatic Job Contract

Thread Winder Automatic Job Contract Template
Tends semiautomatic machine that winds thread from cones onto spools or tubes used on sewing machines. places full cones on rack and passes threads through guides, tension device, yardage counter and drop wires. loads tubes or spools into machine hopper. observes operations of machine to detect breaks or lap-ups. removes spools having winding defects, or pieces up broken ends, using knotter. inspects spools for defects in...

Senior HR Recruiter Job Contract

Senior HR Recruiter Job Contract Template
Fill the employment needs of the industrial office operations. interviewing job applicants; reviewing applications/resumes; evaluating applicant skills making recommendations regarding applicant qualifications. ultimately assure a certain number of monthly applicants candidates. proactively prospect qualify grow maintain diverse applicant pool. create develop sustain retention strategies to make sure long term employees. analyz...

Shredding floor equipment Operator Job Contract

Shredding floor equipment Operator Job Contract Template
Operates shredding and filtering equipment pumps to process woodpulp into alkali cellulose. mounts roll of woodpulp sheeting on unwind stand and inserts end of roll into shredder. monitors recording & controlling instruments and presses buttons and turns valves to regulate speed of pumps and flow of materials through caustic treatment filtering process. inspects filters filter presses...

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