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1) MachineTrimmer
Sample cover letter template for machinetrimmer #14803

MachineTrimmer Cover Letter Template
Tends machine that trims edges of shoe parts, like heels, outsoles, or uppers to remove excess material. turns knobs or setscrews to adjust guides cutting blade as specified. holds part against machine guide presses it against cutter to...

2) Molder
Sample cover letter template for molder #8777

Sets up operates injection-molding machines to cast products from thermoplastic materials. installs dies on machine, according to work order specifications, using clamps, bolts and handtools. sets machine controls, regulating molding temperatu...

3) Motion picture Commentator
Sample cover letter template for motion picture commentator #1364

Makes explanatory comments to accompany action parts of br reads from script speaks into microphone as film is being projected, timing comments to fit action...

4) Roving Tender
Sample cover letter template for roving tender #13862

Tends slubber machines that draw out and loosely twist sliver into roving to strengthen sliver for subsequent drawing twisting operations. fastens ends of sliver from full cans to preceding ends by overlapping and twisting ends w...

5) Radiotelegraph Operator
Sample cover letter template for radiotelegraph operator #2764

Operates keeps in repair equipment used in radiotelegraph communications. watches frequency lights on receiver to ascertain if station is being called. snaps toggle switch that sets receiver to frequency when call is indicated....

6) Motor Vehicle Assembler
Sample cover letter template for motor vehicle assembler #20071

Assembles motor vehicles, like automobiles, trucks, buses, or limousines, at assigned work stations on moving assembly line, performing any combination of following repetitive tasks according to specifications using handtools,...

7) Meal Temperer
Sample cover letter template for meal temperer #7321

Tends steam cooker that breaks down oil cells controls moisture content of corn, soybeans, cottonseed, linseed meal meats or fish, prior to extraction of oil. turns valves to regulate steam pressure inside cooker or steam jacket to mai...

8) Manufacturing Helper
Sample cover letter template for manufacturing helper #20152

Assists workers engaged in fabricating, assembling, installing, and processing materials, parts, and assemblies for aircraft aerospace products, performing any combination of following tasks. sorts and counts parts mate...

9) Repairer
Sample cover letter template for repairer #12767

Lubricates, adjusts, repairs, and inspects machinery used to clean, crush, size, and otherwise prepare coal, limestone, or rock salt for commercial or industrial use, or for further processing. may be designated according to work st...

10) Molder
Sample cover letter template for molder #10540

Tends machine that presses hat-body material, like crinoline, paper, or buckram between dies to form hat crowns or cap visors. places sheets of precut material between layers of wet cardboard or dampens material with sponge to soften material p...

11) Metal Fabricator
Sample cover letter template for metal fabricator #12212

Fabricates and assembles structural metal products, like framework or shells for machinery, ovens, tanks, stacks, and metal parts for buildings bridges according to job order, verbal instructions, and blueprints. deve...

12) Mold Setter
Sample cover letter template for mold setter #16115

Assembles molds for casting contact lenses, using handtools, and inspects cast lenses for conformance to specifications, using precision measuring instruments. selects mold mold inserts. positions inserts in mold shims inserts as indi...

13) Radio Electrician
Sample cover letter template for radio electrician #20336

Adjusts, installs, tests, and repairs high-powered stationary and mobile radio transmitting equipment, using handtools and testing instruments following wiring diagrams. adjusts controls tests frequencies of transmitters...

14) Mixer Operator
Sample cover letter template for mixer operator #8539

Controls mixing machine auxiliary equipment to blend ingredients for explosives, like dynamite, smokeless powder, and solid-propellant rocket fuel. weighs out charges specified quantities of solid materials into mixer, or feeds pre...

15) Refrigerating Engineer Head
Sample cover letter template for refrigerating engineer head #22101

Supervises coordinates activities of refrigerating engineers engaged in operating refrigerating equipment to provide ice or to cool refrigerating rooms in establishments, like ice cream plants, frozen food warehouses, an...

16) Mattress Stripper
Sample cover letter template for mattress stripper #18583

Strips removes padding from used mattresses preparatory to reconditioning them. places mattress on table. cuts tufts or buttons stitching, using knife or scissors, or rips cover off to open mattress and remove...

17) Metal Can Inspector
Sample cover letter template for metal can inspector #15984

Inspects and tests metal cans for imperfections, using scaler measuring devices. pulls samples of tinplate or aluminum sheeting can bodies ends from production lines and inspects them for surface flaws in metal, defective s...

18) Meter Shop Superintendent
Sample cover letter template for meter shop superintendent #2451

Coordinates activities of workers engaged in installation, testing, maintenance, and repair of meters used in electric, gas, steam, and water br develops testing procedures and standards for meters installations....

19) Rounder Hand
Sample cover letter template for rounder hand #19161

Cuts hat brims or cones to trim excess material from irregular edges, according to one of following methods. 1 places hat on worktable cuts excess material from raw or sewn welt edge, using adjustable razor cutting tool. 2 pulls hat c...

20) Mixer
Sample cover letter template for mixer #9699

Tends mixing kettles to mix and heat ingredients to make cleaning polishing compounds according to formula. weighs or measures specified amounts of ingredients on scale or in measuring containers. pours or shovels ingredients into mixing...

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