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(JOB LETTER #401411)

sets up operates injection-molding machines to cast products from thermoplastic materials. installs dies on machine, according to work order specifications, using clamps, bolts and handtools. sets machine controls, regulating molding temperatu...

Elevating grader Operator
(JOB LETTER #850663014)

operates self-powered or tractor-drawn elevating grader to plow and scrape up dirt deposit dirt in trucks, stockpiles, or earth fills. starts engine to drive machine or signals tractor operator any industry to guide...

Textile Designs Sales Representative
(JOB LETTER #200452)

sells textile-pattern designs, and screens rollers for printing patterns on greige, to textile converters. displays design drawings to customer, examines sample of customers greige on which pattern is to be pr...

Tile Finisher
(JOB LETTER #861664018)

supplies mixes materials for tile setter 861. 381-054, applies grout, and cleans installed tile. moves tiles, tilesetting tools and work devices from storage area to installation site manually or using wheelbarrow. mixes mortar...

Automatic Pinsetter Mechanic
(JOB LETTER #403280)

adjusts repairs automatic pinsetting bowling machines, following maintenance manuals, schematics, and knowledge of equipment, using handtools, power tools, and testing equipment. observes operation of machine to...

Extrusion press Operator
(JOB LETTER #402833)

tends machine that coats wire with flux and marks cuts wire into specified lengths to produce welding electrodes. starts machine observes as cores are automatically conveyed through wire feeder, coating nozzle in extrus...

Teller Head
(JOB LETTER #101610)

supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in receiving and paying out money and keeping records of transactions in banks similar institutions. assigns duties work schedules to workers for making sure efficient funct...

Technical Director Chemical Plant
(JOB LETTER #100095)

plans coordinates technical activities in chemical plant, pilot-plant, or chemical-engineering department. directs activities of engineering personnel engaged in preparing plans, designs, cost estimates and specifica...

Animal Treatment Investigator
(JOB LETTER #201040)

investigates animal cruelty and neglect charges performs related duties to promote compliance with laws regulating animal treatment. observes areas of alleged violations interviews available witnesses to define if...

Motion picture Commentator
(JOB LETTER #100803)

makes explanatory comments to accompany action parts of br reads from script speaks into microphone as film is being projected, timing comments to fit action...

Exhaust Equipment Operator
(JOB LETTER #402488)

sets up and controls exhaust equipment to remove gases and impurities from electron cathode ray tubes, following procedure manuals, work orders, and specifications. reads production schedules and procedure manu...

Test Desk Trouble Locator
(JOB LETTER #822361030)

locates malfunctions in telephone or telegraph lines, using switchboard composed of electrical testing instruments, and coordinates maintenance crews work to remove malfunction. tests lines to find cause and location of...

Aquatic Biologist
(JOB LETTER #100330)

studies plants animals living in water, and environmental conditions affecting them. investigates salinity, temperature, acidity, light, oxygen content and other physical conditions of water to define their relationship to aqua...

Transfer Clerk
(JOB LETTER #200025)

records transfer of securities corrects problems related to transfer. enters information, like type amount of securities that client wishes to purchase or sell, into computer terminal. reviews client instructions for transfer of securit...

Electrolysis and corrosion control Engineer
(JOB LETTER #100029)

investigates causes and devises means to combat or eliminate electrolysis of water, gas, and oil mains pipelines resulting from stray electric currents flowing in earth. determines existence loc...

Extrusion Utility Worker
(JOB LETTER #404416)

performs any combination of following tasks to insulate electric cable. moves rubber strips from rubber mill to extruder machine, using handtruck. feeds rubber strips into extruder machine that sheathes cable with rubber insul...

Electrician Underground
(JOB LETTER #821361010)

installs and repairs underground conduit and cable systems used to conduct electrical energy between substations consumers. installs repairs conduits following blueprints. pulls cables through ducts [cable puller const...

Engineering Technician Parking
(JOB LETTER #101470)

develops plans for construction utilization of revenue-producing vehicle parking facilities. plans conducts comprehensive field surveys to locate sites for new parking facilities. analyzes factors like capacity, turnover...

Aircraft log Clerk
(JOB LETTER #200071)

keeps records of usage and time intervals between inspection maintenance of designated airplane parts. compiles data from flight schedules and computes & posts amount of time airplanes individual parts are in use daily, usin...

Transportation department Supervisor
(JOB LETTER #403036)

supervises coordinates activities of automobile mechanics engaged in repairing, adjusting, servicing, and storing motor vehicles in industrial or commercial establishment. analyzes defective equipment to d...

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