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Hotel Assistant Front Office Manager
(JOB LETTER #14141)

meet with desk agents to get any pertinent information. review front desk logbook for any other information or incidents. review all arrivals noting any special requests or challenges. assess whether any guest relo...

Medical Administrative Assistant
(JOB LETTER #15660)

schedule appointments for patients. take detailed clinical phone messages for physician or advanced allied healthcare provider. acquire authorizations for procedures tests ordered by attending physician. prepare prescr...

Fish Hatchery Assistant
(JOB LETTER #201248)

performs any combination of following tasks to trap spawn game fish, incubate eggs, and rear fry in fish hatchery. secures net on both banks of river to divert fish to holding pond. catches ripened fish from holding pond w...

Syrup mixer Assistant
(JOB LETTER #400288)

empties sacks of ingredients, like cane beet sugar, into mixing vats preparatory to making table syrups. carries containers and materials cleans vats, using steam hose, as instructed by syrup m...

Commissary Assistant
(JOB LETTER #201215)

stores, prepares, and delivers foods for zoo or aquarium animals. unloads meats, produce, fodder and other food items from delivery vehicle, using handtruck. sorts stores items on shelves, in bins, or in refrigerated storage...

Assistant Refinery Operator
(JOB LETTER #400302)

controls semiautomatic refinery equipment to convert starch into liquid sugars concentrate sugars to specific density. controls pumps flow of materials through converters, neutralizers and evaporators, as instructed. opera...

Legal Executive Assistant
(JOB LETTER #X012751)

frequent travel for trial preparation trial. trial preparation to include copying, document review, document organization, bates stamping, legal research searching documents in concordance/relativity/summation. during trial,...

Assistant Construction Superintendent
(JOB LETTER #869367010)

assists superiors in directing activities of workers concerned with of buildings, dams, highways, pipelines, or other projects. assists superiors in planning procedures, specifications, work schedules and mate...

Assistant Producer
(JOB LETTER #101257)

directs activities of one or more departments of studio. may direct preparation of daily production schedules operating cos...

Fire Chief Assistant
(JOB LETTER #14121)

directs, manages, and oversees administrative operations for the fire chief. office, including interpreting, formulating and implementing policies procedures. plans, prioritizes, assigns, supervises and reviews...

Library Assistants Clerical
(JOB LETTER #43412100)

being pleasant with others on the job and displaying a good-natured, cooperative attitude, being careful about detail and thorough in completing work tasks, being reliable, responsible, and dependable, and fulfilling obliga...

Administrative Assistant Legal
(JOB LETTER #X012752)

performing legal secretarial duties requiring both sound judgment good technical skills. transcribing, preparing and processing pleadings/briefs in the various state federal courts. preparing processing correspondence...

Siteminder Admin
(JOB LETTER #15388)

partner with it and information security architects working groups project teams and application owners to define requirements for and support for identity & access management services which meet business regulatory objectives...

(JOB LETTER #15467)

greet visitors, determine service need direct to appropriate area/individual. answer phones; transferring or directing callers to appropriate individuals. take messages as needed. schedule appointments admissions for clients; setting up client r...

Radiology Administrator
(JOB LETTER #101212)

plans, directs, and coordinates administrative activities of radiology department of hospital medical center. conducts studies implements changes to improve internal operations of department. advises staff supervisors on a...

Embalmer Assistant
(JOB LETTER #200684)

prepares embalmed bodies for interment. manicures nails, using files and nail polish and performs other grooming tasks, like arching & plucking eyebrows and removing facial hair, using depilatory cream tweezers. shampoos, w...

Purchasing Assistant
(JOB LETTER #13977)

coordinate purchasing activities with manufacturing, planning and engineering departments to acquire inventory in a cost effective timely manner. request quotes as directed to appropriate suppliers. contact vendors to make...

HR Administrator
(JOB LETTER #15513)

assist with the input of job titles and descriptions into the job description library including adding, archiving and changing titles, functional roles job descriptions. enter data of new hires, terminations other status chang...

Assistant Marketing Manager
(JOB LETTER #15331)

participate in the planning development and implementation of annual and quarterly marketing plans for local markets to achieve or exceed new customer acquisition targets in a cost effective manner working with the...

Program Assistant
(JOB LETTER #962167014)

performs any combination of following or similar duties as directed by director, program 184. 167-030 or producer 159. 117-010 in rehearsal broadcast of television programs. distributes copies of script arranges for rehearsal...

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