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Combination Presser Job Resume
operates steam pressing machine [presser, machine (any industry) 363.682-018] or uses hand iron [presser, hand (any industry) 363.684-018] to press garments, like trousers, sweaters, and also dresses, usually in small cleaning establishment. presses silk garments [silk finisher (laundry plus rel.) 363.681-010] & wool garments [wool presser (laundry rel.) 363.682-018]....

Desizing pad Operator Job Resume
tends feed-end of range that removes size from cloth to increase affinity of cloth for dye. weighs out desizing agent mixes agent with water in mixing tank, following formula. turns valves to transfer solution from mixing tank to desizing tubs to control steam for heating solution. positions truck of cloth at feed-end of machine, or mounts cloth roll onto brackets at scray. sews cloth end to leader in machine, using portable sewing machine. observes flow of cloth through machine to detect flaw...

Superintendent Communications Job Resume
directs construction, operation, and also maintenance of telephone or telegraph communication systems. studies accepts or rejects recommendations for improvement or additions to communication facilities. investigates availability approves cost estimates of new equipment requested. approves or rejects equipment rental electric-power contracts. supervises personnel performs other administrative duties to make sure efficient operation. may direct installation operation of radio communications ...

Supervisor Furnace Job Resume
supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in unloading, storing, mixing, and also melting raw materials, like sand, soda ash, and also cullet, to make molten glass for use in making flat glass, glass containers, optical glass, or glass fibers. directs unloading of hopper cars, storage of ingredients in bins silos plus examination of ingredients prior to mixing. schedules mixing & melting of materials to manufacture particular color composition of glass. ensures mixtures are blend...

Whizzer Operator Job Resume
tends machine that spins felt hat bodies to remove excess water. pulls bodies over hat-shaped holder of machine or places bodies in basket. presses button or depresses pedal to start holder or basket spinning, removing excess water from bodies. releases pedal to stop machine feels hat bodies to ascertain dryness. may soak hat bodies in waterproofing solution....

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