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Hydroelectric plant Maintainer Job Resume
performs grounds-keeping plant maintenance tasks in hydroelectric generating station. turns handwheel to open alternate water intake to close clogged intake preparatory to cleaning water intake screens. removes accumulated logs, weeds, fish, silt and additionally driftwood from screen or rack, using crab-hoist, rake, shovel and additionally water hose. mows lawn, trims hedges, rakes as well as burns leaves plus refuse, and also shovels snow from driveways sidewalks. cleans lubricates equ...

Radiation Monitor Job Resume
monitors personnel, plant facilities, and also work environment to detect radio-active contamination, using radiation detectors other instruments. measures intensity identifies type of radiation in working areas, using devices, like beta-gamma survey meter, gamma-background monitor plus alphabeta-gamma counter. collects air samples for defining airborne concentration of radioactivity and additionally collects & analyzes monitoring equipment worn by personnel, like film badges pocket detecti...

Surveyor Oil well Directional Job Resume
measures sonar, electrical, or radioactive characteristics of earth formations in oil- or gas-well boreholes to evaluate productivity of oil- or gas-bearing reservoirs, using sonic, electronic, or nuclear measuring instruments. signals hoisting engineer (any industry) to lower instruments into well, observing oscillograph meters on control panel to verify operating condition of instruments. turns dials on control panel to adjust instrument for specified recording starts recording device w...

Order desk Caller Job Resume
reads items listed on order sheets to laborer, stores (any industry) who gathers assembles items or to billing typist (clerical) who prepares bills for items. indicates on order sheets items located items that are not available. may read items to checker (clerical) i who examines articles prior to shipping. may be designated by kind of data called out to other worker as weight caller (clerical); yardage caller (textile)....

Brimmer Job Resume
tends machine that presses hat brims to smooth flatten brims. selects specified flange (collar) positions flange over hole in heated machine bed. inserts hat crown in hole with brim resting on flange. moves lever to lower machine press against hat brim or raise machine bed, containing hat, against stationary press to curl, smooth, or flatten brim. removes hat from machine places on rack. may tend machine equipped with rotary block or inflation device to press hat brims. when tending battery o...

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