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Gas Substation Operator CV Resume Template
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Professional Experience:
Job Title: Gas substation operator, Company: New Line Inc
Worked From: 11/2010, To: 11/2017; Reason of Leave: Would be explained during the interview.

Roles and Responsibilities
My job duties were to:

1) Control operation of steam, gas, or electric-motor-driven compressor to maintain specified pressures on high low pressure mains dispensing gas from gasholders

2) Observe pressure gauges to define consumption rate variations turns knobs or switches to regulate pressures

3) Open valves to allow gas to flow into out of compressors

4) Read gas meters and records amount of gas received dispensed from holders

5) May clean, lubricate, and adjust compressors, using handtools

6) May regulate gas governors to maintain specified pressure [Pressure Controller ].

CV / Resume Objective
Continue working - resuming my career - as gas substation operator in an environment where I can express my experience.

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