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Wax Pattern Coater CV Resume

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Wax Pattern Coater CV Resume Template
Wax Pattern Coater CV Resume Example

Professional Experience:
Job Title: Wax pattern coater, Company: New Line Inc
Worked From: 11/2010, To: 11/2017; Reason of Leave: Would be explained during the interview.

Roles and Responsibilities, My job duties were to:
1) Cover wax patterns with coating compound to form shell mold used in lost-wax casting process.
2) Dips pattern in suspension of silica sand chemical binder.
3) Coat pattern by sifting materials, like sand or aluminum oxide, onto pattern, or places patterns in tumbling barrel, containing short fibers, to strengthen coating.
4) Repeat coatings as specified to form shell.
5) Examine pattern for evenness of coating.
6) Place coated pattern clusters on cart pushes cart into drying room, or places shell molds on conveyor of tunnel oven to dry mold interiors.
7) May place patterns in steam-pressure vessel to melt pattern wax from shell..

CV / Resume Objective:
Continue working - resuming my career - as wax pattern coater in an environment where I can express my experience.