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Bench Assembler CV Resume

Bench Assembler CV Resume Template
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Bench Assembler CV Resume

Professional Experience:
Job Title: Bench assembler, Company: New Line Inc
Worked From: 11/2010, To: 11/2017; Reason of Leave: Would be explained during the interview.

Roles and Responsibilities
My job duties were to:

1) Perform any combination of following repetitive tasks on assembly line to mass produce small products, like ball bearings, automobile door locking units, speedometers, condensers, distributors, ignition coils, drafting table subassemblies, or carburetors

2) Position parts in specified relationship to each other, using hands, tweezers, or tongs

3) Bolt, screws, clips, cements, or otherwise fastens parts together by hand or using handtools or portable powered tools

4) Frequently works at bench as member of assembly group assembling one or two specific parts passing unit to another worker

5) Load unloads previously setup machines, like arbor presses, drill presses, taps, spot-welding machines, riveting machines, milling machines, or broaches, to perform fastening, force fitting, or light metal-cutting operation on assembly line

6) May be assigned to different work stations as production needs require or shift from one station to another to reduce fatigue factor

7) May be known according to product assembled.

CV / Resume Objective
Continue working - resuming my career - as bench assembler in an environment where I can express my experience.

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