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Grader CV Resume

Grader CV Resume Template
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Grader CV Resume Sample

Curriculum Vitae

Work History (Professional Experience):

Job Title: Grader, Company: New Line Inc
Worked From: (11/2010), To: (11/2017); Reason of Leave: Would be explained during the interview.

Roles and Responsibilities

My job duties were to:

1) Inspect sorts processed material, like hides, skins, or leather

2) Examine material for defects, like brand marks, cuts and scars and trims defects from material, using shears

3) Verify thickness of material, using gauge

4) Sort material according to qualities, like color, size, and thickness

5) Return defective material for reprocessing

6) May be designated according to material sorted as Blue-Leather Sorter , Patent-Leather Sorter , Russet-Leather Sorter .

CV / Resume Objective

Continue working - resuming my career - as grader in an environment where I can express my experience.

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