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Gardener CV Resume Template
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Professional Experience:
Job Title: Gardener, Company: New Line Inc
Worked From: 11/2010, To: 11/2017; Reason of Leave: Would be explained during the interview.

Roles and Responsibilities
My job duties were to:

1) Maintain grounds of industrial, commercial, or public property, performing any combination of following tasks

2) Cuts lawns, using hand mower or power mower

3) Trim edges around walks, flower beds and walls, using clippers, weed cutters and edging tools

4) Prune shrubs and trees to shape improve growth or remove damaged leaves, branches, or twigs, using shears, pruners, or chain saw

5) Spray lawn, shrubs, and trees with fertilizer, herbicides, and insecticides, using hand or automatic sprayer

6) Rake bags or burns leaves, using rake

7) Clean grounds removes litter, using spiked stick or broom

8) Shovel snow from walks driveways

9) Spread salt on public passage ways to prevent ice buildup

10) Plant grass, flowers, trees, and shrubs, using gardening tools

11) Water lawn shrubs, using hose or by activating fixed or portable sprinkler system

12) May repair fences, gates, walls, and walks, using carpentry masonry tools

13) May paint fences outbuildings

14) May clean out drainage ditches and culverts, using shovel rake

15) May perform ground maintenance duties, using tractor equipped with attachments, like mowers, lime or fertilizer spreaders, lawn roller, and snow removal equipment

16) May sharpen tools, like weed cutters, edging tools, and shears, using file or knife sharpener

17) May make minor repairs on equipment, like lawn mower, spreader, and snow removal equipment, using handtools power tools

18) May perform variety of laboring duties, common to type of employing establishment.

CV / Resume Objective
Continue working - resuming my career - as gardener in an environment where I can express my experience.

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