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Nurse Midwive Job Resume Sample
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Job Title: "Nurse Midwive"
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Sample Job Resume For Nurse Midwive

Professional Experience:

Nurse midwive, 11/2010 - present


As Nurse Midwive, My job duties are to:

1) Educate patients family members regarding prenatal, intrapartum, postpartum, newborn, or interconceptional care

2) Provide prenatal, intrapartum, postpartum, or newborn care to patients

3) Document patients health histories, symptoms, physical conditions, or other diagnostic information

4) Monitor fetal development by listening to fetal heartbeat, taking external uterine measurements, identifying fetal position, or estimating fetal size weight

5) Perform physical examinations by taking vital signs, checking neurological reflexes, examining breasts, or performing pelvic examinations

6) Consult with or refer patients to appropriate specialists when conditions exceed the scope of practice or expertise

7) Develop implement individualized plans for health care management

8) Document findings of physical examinations

9) Explain procedures to patients, family members, staff members or others

10) Initiate emergency interventions to stabilize patients

11) Manage newborn care during the first weeks of life

12) Provide primary health care, including pregnancy childbirth, to women

13) Order interpret diagnostic or laboratory tests

14) Prescribe medications as permitted by state regulations

15) Provide patients with direct family planning services like inserting intrauterine devices, dispensing oral contraceptives, and fitting cervical barriers including cervical caps or diaphragms

16) Write information in medical records or provide narrative summaries to communicate patient information to other health care providers

17) Conduct clinical research on topics like maternal or infant health care, contraceptive methods, breastfeeding, and gynecological care

18) Establish practice guidelines for specialty areas like primary health care of women, care of the childbearing family, and newborn care

19) Read current literature, talk with colleagues, or participate in professional organizations or conferences to keep abreast of developments in midwifery

20) Plan, provide, or evaluate educational programs for nursing staff, health care teams, or the community

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